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Why does skyy vodka not produce hangovers?

Asked by against_me (22points) August 1st, 2008 from iPhone

my friends and I were discussing what liqour to drink for the night, and one that was a bartender suggested skky vodka because it does not cause hangovers or go down with that burning alcohol taste.
since then I’ve been drinking this brand of vodka and have not expirenced any bad side effects.
what mkes this vodka do different than the other types?

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You did not drink enough!

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super premium vodkas are purified of impurties that form during the distilling process, which are linked to the hangerover symptoms. Less quality vodkas still contain the impurities that result in the hangovers. But of course I don’t drink because mommy said its bad for me.
Sike!!!! :)

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agh I see. So j guess that’s Georgi tastes like rubbing alcohol and leaves me a little :x

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It’s usually the mixer that causes a hangover. Sugary juices and sodas are deadly. Perhaps that’s the difference. I expect any brand of premium vodka would have the same results when prepared the same way.

What are you mixing the vodka with? Are you drinking it straight up?

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and silly me thought you hangovers from drinking alcohol!!!!! wow!! come to find out it’s actually juice that gives you a hangover, not alcohol! thanks for enlightening us on that trudaicia!!!!! WHO KNEW!!

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Hmmm .. I suspect your being sarcastic?? If so, test it out and tell me I’m wrong.

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Seriously, it makes a difference unless we’re talking about serious liquor consumption… Hangovers are caused by dehydration. Drink tons of water between drinks and dont mix with anything sugary. Look it up babe.

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I 2nd trudacia, dehydration is a key component of hangovers. A combination of sugar and alcohol prevents your cells from “breathing”, water can’t get into them. I still stick to my story about impurities called congeners that lead to terrible headaches. Ampyl alcohol and propyl alcohol are common toxins produced during the distilling process. Skyy vodka claims that by distilling four times at various temperatures and further filtering it three times will free its alcohol from any headache causing congeners.

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check out this nifty little device – I’m seriously considering getting one.

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yeah, and that time everyone got drunk and subsequently hung over on all those shots of [tequila] [vodka] [jack daniels] [absynth][sake] [replace with any liquor or other alcohol you want] was because we drank orange juice in the morning before we went to the party…

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@stratman37: You can just use a Britta filter. It does the same thing. I run a bar where we do 15 vodka infusions. We use a lower priced vodka (Smirnoff) and put it through a Britta before we add the flavor element.

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myth busters did a test ok the filtering cheap vodka.

Btw, skyy is one of the worse tasting vodka out there.

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@ckinyc what did they find out?

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i saw it too. if i remember correctly, the testers were not experts, just normal ppl, and they couldn’t tell the difference between the filtered smirnoff and the expensive…. i think it was grey goose. bu tthey filtered it 10–12 times. i think they drank all 13 or 14 different drinks blindly. unfiltered smirnoff, filtered 1 time, 2 times, 3 times, up to 10, and then grey goose, and they were supposed to rank them. they got the filtering #s all out of order, but they all put the top filtered ones and the grey goose toward the top, and the unfiltered smirnoff toward the bottom.

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2 testers. One was the host and one was an expert. The findings are:
– the filters work
– much better tasting
– too expensive to make it worth the trouble (multiple filters?? Can’t remember)
– the expert was able to rank the most expensive one as top choice

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Clear spirits such as vodka and gin lack the congeners that contribute to headaches and are found in dark spirits such as Scotch.

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