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What gas do you get when you mix bleach with dry acid?

Asked by winblowzxp (498points) August 1st, 2008

If you mix Sodium Bisulfate (Dry Acid) with bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), what gas is created? I know it’s toxic as per Wikipedia.

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A big mess !!

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Chlorine gas, which can also be generated by mixing concentrated hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide.

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I didn’t think it to be chlorine gas since my mixture wasn’t emitting anything yellowish-green. It has a very strong odor, however. And it turned my mixture green as well, but I can believe it.

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Chlorine gas is very malodorous. It may not have been emitting enough gas to be obviously yellow-green, plus, chlorine gas is highly reactive, so you may have missed it.

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Gaseous chlorine

Also, the term “bleach” is a bit misleading. In your question you specify sodium hypochlorite which is chlorine bleach and this is the bleach that will cause problems when mixed with an acid. There are other bleachs like percarbonate, hydrogen perodixde (of which percarbs are made) which are known as “oxygen bleach”. Percarbs and hydrogen peroxide are weak acids but still should never be mixed with any other chemicals for safety. These type of bleach are far safer to handle and are color safe.

Sorry to get outside of the original question, but one of my goals on earth is get people to understand the differences between bleaches. It’s a lofty goal and I appreciate you asking the question so I could pretend to know something.

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@Sueanne_Tremendous: Wasn’t off topic at all, actually very informative.

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I understand that there are different kinds of bleach, I used the generic ‘bleach’ for brevity, and then I clarified which bleach I was referring to. I had no malintent in asking the question.

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