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What do you think about...

Asked by lovelyy (1132points) August 2nd, 2008

basically a license with the date of your last STD test and it’s results. STfree

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And the question is?

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Isn’t this a violation of privacy rights? Is this information going into some sort of database? I don’t think CA would allow this.

Anyway, I’m married; I have no worries about STDs.

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@gail; the question is asking what you think about it.
Good idea, bad idea, thoughts?

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I hate the idea of saying “papers, please” before having sex. :)

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Nonsense. If someone had tests done today, it would be several days before the results came back, during which time they could contract an STD (condoms are not 100% safe for pregnancy or STDs). As the article says… it is not proof or a guarantee—so what’s the point?

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That’s what I thought too, unless someone was testing them daily the card would be useless. I figured because some on the video said it was a good idea someone on Fluther would too.

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Lovelyy; my apologies. I didn’t see the link. A waste of time, money and bureaucracy, in my opinion.

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Go together to get fresh tests. Make it romantic. Drag out the anticipation.

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I like the idea (if it’s being done by a corporation or non-profit org., i.e., not by any association connected with the gov’t or a health care organization). It’s obviously not perfect, but it’s not like you’d be able to get information that’s any more reliable in the first place. You should never be having unprotected sex with someone you don’t know, and a lot of the commenters seem to be missing this point—it’s not a guarantee that the sex will be clean…

I think it’s a great idea.

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@Marina: I went with my boyfriend once. It’s quite romantic if you go to a STD-free dinner celebration right afterward.

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I kind of like the idea. I agree with breedmitch that asking “license please” can be sort of awkward, but better safe and awkward rather than sorry. The license will show the latest day of testing right? so it will give you a better idea of how “safe” your partner really is. Of course the method isn’t fool proof, but if your partner hasn’t got tested for a year or more, then you know something is wrong. Of course, this ID works best for people in one night stands etc. The best way to avoid this scenario completely is only engaging in sexual activites with someone you are in a actual relationship with.

So in summary, something is better than nothing, and i like the idea.

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If we can all agree that it’s no guarantee of safe sex, then what’s the point? Why have the awkward moment at all, if you still need to protect yourself?

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@Augustlan: The point of the conversation is that “protection” only reduces risk, as there is no 100% prevention. So by having the conversation, not only do you get a sense of how mature the individual is (in their being able to discuss it as well as being proactive for their own health), you also may feel comforted that the risk is even less (assuming that the other person is actually negative).

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@hearkat…I definitely think that a conversation should happen before intimacy, just not the “papers, please” conversation. Habits, lifestyle, and history should be addressed, and even then, protection should still be used. Given that once you have the test results they could already be outdated, I just don’t see any use for the “license”...that’s all I meant.

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@augustlan: Oh. Then we’re in complete agreement! :-D

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and how many of the


are tested in that procedure?

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Ooooh! a post from before the ’@’ feature! Flashback!

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