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Do you find this conflicting?

Asked by wildflower (11152points) August 3rd, 2008

I just came across this article: and couldn’t help but feel conflicted. I want there to be a big fluther of jellyfish – but not really…...

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So fluther is ruining the world.
I feel so bad now. :-(

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I hate jellyfish. Very pretty to look at, but that’s the only time I don’t hate them. They are the single biggest reason why I’m terrified to swim in the ocean. More than the sting even, the thought of that nastiness brushing against me.. shudder it’s like bugs :(

But fun cartoon jellyfish with geek-chic glasses and three little legs (way more like legs than tentacles) are cute :)

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While I find jellies fascinating, there is no conflict for me. Even small changes in an ecosystem can have huge effects. I’m afraid we’re only seeing the tip of the iceburg (poor choice of words since those are being affected, too) as far as disruptions in animal populations, habits, and effects upon our own species.

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We can bring the balance back. We can stop the madness.

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The photos are spectacular – look but don’t touch.. And my Fluther jelly should be wearing bifocals, please. (Wild; you beat me to it- I just copied the URL.)

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Knot—(still gardening, I see.)—

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