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What did you think of "Harry Potter: The Order of The Phoenix"?

Asked by glial (2996points) July 21st, 2007

Just wondering what you guys thought of the latest Harry Potter Movie. Thumbs up or Thumbs Down

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It was okay. Not exactly true to the book...and there was no quiditch...seriously. I don't remember the book well but I'm sure there was quiditch in it. And that Umbridge lady was a bitch....

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The movie was really great if you dont read the books. It followed the book, but there was SO much missing from the movie. Thumbs up for sure.

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thumbs up here too

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Thumbs up! 5 star movie!

I love the books, too! Frankly, I never expect movies to exactly follow books. If they did, then one of the sales venues would suffer. Which one do you think that would be? I'll give you a hint: Only 20% of the population read books for pleasure. . . .

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it was a good movie (for ppl who didnt read the book)

in context to the actual book, they cut off so much and didnt explain and important part of the story - the prophecy

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Somewhat good, somewhat bad. I found it boring in parts, as it was the most uneventful book of them all (nothing happens of great importance apart from the prophecy). Perhaps a little too political for my liking, but the ending is good. The things they missed out were pretty trivial in the scheme of things - but I agree that more emphasis should have been put onto the prophecy (the whole 'One cannot live whilst the other one does' deal) because that is something that is very important.

I hate to say it but I sit on the fence with this one. If you're a fan of the series, definately go see it! If you're just tagging with friends or family, maybe not.

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I thought it was by far my favorite HP movie of the lot. I think it was done well, the cinematography was incredible, as well as the overall color saturations and contrasts were amazing too! For being the longest book of the bunch as well, it was truly translated well well into a two-hour movie. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone, whether you are a fan of the series or not, if you are then look at it as a translation of the book to film - I mean nothing can be translated perfectly, and this was done very tastefully well. If you are not a fan of the series the movie is still terrific and shot very well, and who doesn't like a good cinematic adventure?

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Great movie, but I want to see more of what makes the books so magical - the MAGIC. The world Rowling invents is so amazing, that I want more of it shown in the movies - even if it is all cg animation.

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I wish Peeves was in it! I like the book a lot better, but the movie is alright.

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