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Is it a good idea to bring my unsocialized dog to a dog park?

Asked by jcs007 (1776points) August 3rd, 2008

I just want him to socialize more. He’s a little over 4 months, and I read somewhere that if a dog doesn’t socialize, then it’ll develop problems. Any suggestions? Oh and by the way, paying for a session or something is out of the question. Unless it’s within my budget. Which isn’t much.

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Can you try socializing him with some friendly dogs that your friends have perhaps first?

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Get him out there now!

Socializing dogs is so important,

Also, my main tip is to let him off the lead. Don;t keep him close. Dogs that are kept on leads get nervous around other dogs because they feel that
a. they are doing something wrong or
b. the dogs around them are bad and that they need to be kept safe.
keeping dogs on leads also has the effect of making other dogs liable to attack yours because they feel they can take advantage.

Just stay with him, and try and keep him close without invading his privacy and he’ll be happy,. Let him take time getting to know other dogs and other smells.

1 dog a day may be enough for him as he may get stressed, so take your time with it too.

any questions, I’m happy to help.

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I have served on the boards of three off-leash dog parks and created one. I tend to have strong ideas about this.

Socializing a dog? Yes, the dog park is a great place for that. Bringing an untrained dog to a dog park? Absolutely not.

Every dog park that I have ever seen has rules that say the dog must be under voice command of the owner at all times. That means you dog must come if you call it. It must stop what it is doing if you tell it to.

Petco has a series of free seminars you should look at. Also, their puppy training classes are not that expensive. You can also get a lot of information and ideas and tips on training basic commands on the Web.

When you are at the dog park, have your dog in sight and in range of your voice at all times. (Some people sit down and ignore what their dog is doing. Not good.) Especially with a four-month-old puppy. That is usually the minimum age you can take a dog to the dog park. Dog status-wise, your dog will be low man in the pack hierarchy. You need to watch carefully to make sure he is not hurt by other dogs. Even in play, a dog can be bowled over, for example, and damage ligaments.

It is your responsibility to make sure your dog is not annoying another person or dog at the park. It is not OK to let your 70 lb. dog jump on someone and then say “Sorry, he’s just a puppy.” Teach him not to jump on people. Humping another dog (a common thing for young dogs just coming into their sexuality) is not acceptable behavior.

Remember, you are legally liable for anything your dog does at the park. So, you want to make sure the dog has basic training.

Otherwise, have a great time! It will be a blast for both of you.

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You had better train him first. After he hurts someone or their dog and they sue you then you will be more poor.

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How else do you socialize? I was unsocialized before I went to kindergarden.

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Start with him learning control commands then slowly introduce him to people increasing the number of people then slowly introduce with animals .Of course always use a leash.

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Bad idea. Let him hang with dogs that are already trained. Get the dog on voice command, and then take him. The doggy park is really cool when you don’t have to worry about your guy causing trouble. Besides, if he’s trained, you won’t have to deal with all of the other doggy owners who get upset that your pooch is running amok!

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he’s very young still, Thats the right age to start taking him to the park!!!! Have lots of fun with him there. That’s the age we started bringing ours to the park and have been going ever since. The older they are the harder it is to get them use to being around other dogs. Just make sure he has all his shots first.

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It’s not like your dog is 3 yrs old and hasn’t been socialized yet. If that was the case then yes, I believe training would need to be involved. But since he’s only around 4 months, I seriously doubt you will have any issues. Enjoy the park!!

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I’m not a very sociable melon… and I would hate to be brought to a melon park.

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Puppy training classes are a good way to socialize too. Its a more controlled, safer environment. Plus you and your dog can learn things.

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Yes, your dog needs socialization. The way to begin is with training (DO NOT take an untrained dog of unkown temperament to a dog park and let him off lead). Training sessions benefit the dog, but possibly more importantly, it’s an opportunity for you to learn. And in the name of whatever you hold holy, don’t take the dog anywhere unless he is fully vaccinated. Parvovirus is not something to take lightly.

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You poops may need socialization, but an untrained young dog at an off-leash park would be a nightmare.

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Start by walking him in areas around ppl. He’s too young to be off leash in a dog park…
Take him with you everywhere. I’ve adopted a 2 yr old puppy mill dog and it’s been a challenge, but you’ve gotta stay at it. Take them to the pet store, to friend’s houses, to the park. Let them get to know you and vice versa. Once he trusts you totally, he’ll be ready to go to the dog park…

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