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How to cut out a bit of an image?

Asked by Lost_World (1231points) August 3rd, 2008

Ok, lets say you had a pic of a blue circle on a white background. And you just want the blue ball in a .png, on the old apple works you could draw a scribbly line around something like a blue ball on a white background and it would snap to fit around the blue ball so you could move the ball anywhere on the page.

How can I do this but just save the blue ball as a png so there in nothing around it?

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do the scribbly line thing to fit around the ball. after that “cut” or “copy” that ball + line image, and paste it in a new file. then save new file in “png” format.

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Hmm might work if i can get 2 programs to cross over otherwise it wills still have the white background. I shall test.

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ok. let me know if it works. the crossing over shouldn’t be a problem.

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It works! a bit pixly but it works.. you would thing they would have made it a bit easier :P

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If you post a link to the image (pre-cut out), one of us can probably make it more attractive if you’d like.

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If you have Photoshop you could use the Background Eraser Tool to remove the white and make the background transparent.

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yay! and yeah, feel free to post it and someone might fix it for you :)

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Absolutely, if you post the image I will give it a whirl.

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