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What are some funny/interesting names for wireless networks that appear (or have appeared) on your computer?

Asked by girlofscience (7556points) August 3rd, 2008

Inspired by a previous question and its responses.

Have the names of any of the wireless networks that you computer picks up ever made you laugh or confused? Please share the names!

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At my old apartment, there was one called SexyTimeExplosion!

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Near my barber, there’s one called “Larry the Leper.”

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i saw one that said “buy your own internet” ....foolish…

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Mine is called Saints after my favorite NFL team. At one time it was Zion after Zion National Park which is my favorite hiking spot. Both are religious names in a sense. I like to change my network name every now and then. I have seen one called Don’t Steal.

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At one point or another, I have had my own networks named “HACK” or “VIRUS”. Both had a story behind it, though the latter was because my friend just found it funny that it said “Connecting to Virus….” . Network names I have noticed in my apartment building include “MILF”

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BFNoWhere (I found that one in the middle of a field in the country. the guy must have had his own dish or something.)

1011001011 (I don’t remember exactly, but it is the binary from Futurama that bender sees on the wall)

insertfreepornHERE. That was the name of the internet i used at my friends house till she moved. I never put any porn on that network, but there was a folder called “PORN DROPBOX” on the network…

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“pissoff” warning potential piggybackers I suppose

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@joeysefika: Haha, I figured you were not in the US, and I was right. I wish we said “piss off” and called people “wankers.”

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LOL, you know we can do that, but then you would be one of those people! Hell, I don’t mind though, I call people “Twat(sp?)”

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My father calls his ayam and something else I forgot, I believe they were the Indonesian words for chicken and pig or sheep or something (he grew up in Indonesia). I guess I’d call my network, if I’d manage one, “feel free to use fairly” or something like that :P

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“Get your own fucking internet”

My neighbor’s =P

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I pick up one called BlackDeath. It’s the guys across the street who play in a punk band. They’re really nice guys actually. My uncle named ours – Tarheel (like, North Carolina Tarheels).

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There are a few around here, including “titties” and “lightweightbaby”

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Wireless for the Wangs, it was changed to Wang’s Airport Express a while ago

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