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What's the real advantage to php?

Asked by deefolt (7points) August 3rd, 2008

I’ve read up briefly on php, but just don’t seem to grasp the real advantage to php, can someone enlighten me?

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Compared to what? You use PHP to output XHTML. PHP is for logic and doing things like talking to a database. But in the end of the day it still spits out XHTML. Other languages (like python, ruby, and others) can do the same thing.

If you just want to display static pages you really don’t need to touch PHP. Plain old XHTML and CSS are all you really need.

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PHP allows you to create dynamic applications/services/sites which neither XHTML nor CSS can do. As JP said other languages can do the same (like python and Ruby). Only use it if you know what you’re going to do with it, if you don’t need anything beyond what XHTML and CSS can provide then there’s no point really ;) although it can be interesting to learn :) but possibly isn’t the best programming language to get used to seeing as it’s quite lax (although it’s error reporting is really handy to learn from, but I don’t know what other languages are like)

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