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Are you reasonably happy right now, and why?

Asked by stratman37 (8678points) August 3rd, 2008

Sure, we’d all like to make more money/have a bigger house/more stuff, but if we stop and compare our way of life with the less fortunate majority of the world, isn’t it easier to count our blessings?

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My girlfriend is coming after 4 months abroad.

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Right now I’d have to say I’m unreasonably happy. That’s good, right?

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Congrats, Dine!

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I don’t like to compare myself to other people; we all have our hardships. But, if I compare my present to my past, I’d say I am happier now than I have ever been.

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Yes, of course i’m happy. It could always be worse, and I am sure to remember that whenever something goes wrong.

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I have no real reason to be unhappy, yet I try.

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Folks, don’t forget the “and Why”!

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For better or worse (in sickness and in health), my happiness is tied to a thyroid pill that I take every day. Without it I become a depressed and hopeless person. I am reminded of this every so often when I forget or decide not to take it for a few days. As of yesterday, I’m just getting back on the wagon.

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I’m reasonably happy now, I’m off school, I’m listening to my currently favourite song, I’ve got an ice cold glass of water, I cna play my music loud as everyone is out, and I’m about to game :)

But I’ve got homework to do and all that but I’m leaving that today, it’s nice to just relax ;)

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Although this has been a tough year, I am happy. We have our health, we have income, we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in three weeks.

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I am not deliriously happy but I am content. I have survived divorce, cancer, family tragedies and my 70th birthday. It is delightful to wander around my garden, see friends, and visit my much-younger shut-in today. She has terrible pain when out in the sun or near electricity so I feel extremely lucky when I leave her house with the smoked plastic that covers all the windows.

This week I go to Tanglewood with a gang, sit on the lawn, have a picnic and listen to Mozart. I am financially comfortable since I have never been profligate and have time to look at the small things on my property – butterflies, wrens, garter snakes, toads, sunsets,
and Milo doing battle with a moth (moth usually wins but I get to laugh, no matter the outcome.)

Oh, yes. I can still wear shorts without scaring the local populace.

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No, and you don’t wanna know.

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I have two jobs, and they both have action figures. Kids dress up as me on Halloween. How much cooler could I be to my kids? This is why I live so happy!

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I will say I became happier just reading the responses to this question.

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right now at this moment, yes, I am quite happy.
In general, I’m just a really happy person. I enjoy the small things, I stay away from stressors as much as possible, I’m extremely grateful for everything I have: my wonderful family and friends, life, my talents, a home….
What can I say, I’m just a joyful optimistic kind of person. And that fact also makes me happy.

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My son and I are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. I have a career I love and my job is pretty good. Sure, I’d love to have so much wealth I would be able to not work and just travel the world.

I am in a relationship with a man that has made me feel truly loved for the first time in my life. Sure, I’d love for him to be more expressive about his complex thoughts and feelings.

As for material things, I have what I need and more. Sure, I’d love to be able to afford my own home, and pay someone to clean it!

There’s always something more for us to strive for… but the key is to appreciate the real value of the things you actually already have.

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I think I wanna go hang out with Gail…

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@loser ;Come on over. (we can share the litter box chores. And do you cook?) The sunset from my deck this evening looks as tho Turner painted it.

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I am very happy and blessed to have the life I have. My husband is my best friend. We take time to enjoy each other and all of the small things in life. We are not the richest folks in town, but we feel like it. We have a beautiful daughter together. She is happy, well adjusted, smart and polite. We treasure her and our family above all else.

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Happy and grateful because I’m still breathing.

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