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Do you wish Bill Clinton could be President again?

Asked by JLeslie (59833points) October 5th, 2016 from iPhone

Do you think Hillary will in the end govern like her husband?

I just saw a clip of a speech where Bill Clinton is criticizing Obamacare calling parts of it the craziest thing in the world.

Not a good thing for his wife’s campaign, except to say I want Hillary to address the big problems with Obamacare.

Hillary seems to have adopted some of what Bernie Sanders was trying to sell also, and the theme I don’t like with that or some of what Obama has done is no one is looking at the bottom line enough. How things will get paid for. Bill always seemed to care about the budget and the money. He wasn’t always right in his decisions regarding economics and finance for the country, but I think his intention was to always to try to be realistic.

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I’m still hoping for Trump, it would be absolutely hilarious.

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^About as hilarious as Willy Wonka running Britain. Although, I feel Mr. Wonka is more qualified than Trump.

Bill was the man. He oversaw the most prolific, profitable time in human history. Would I like that kind of stability, and economic growth? Yeah. Plus I would enjoy watching republican heads explode.

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I would love Wonka to be our PM if only to see how pissed off Jamie Oliver would get

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Nope. I’d rather see President Obama get a third term. Time to repeal the 22nd Amendment (and the 2nd Amendment.) All those “2’s” make us second rate.

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Hopefully Obama will still have a role in our government. He is brilliant, and would excell at anything, but I’d love to see him as a diplomatic.

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Bill was great but Hillary will be just as good if not better.

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Hillary isn’t in the same discussion as Bill (as far as being a politician anyway. )

Bill is a super politician. Charismatic, smart, and understanding people, and what they want to hear.

I hope Hillary wins. And I hope you’re right @kritiper . Bill’s act was a tough one to follow though.

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@ucme . You meant Gene Wilder right? Not Depp….

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I’d rather see Bernie serve twice, than see Bill serve thrice.

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^Bernie could survive two terms? They’re trying to make Hillary out to be frail. I have many problems with Hillary, but I think she’s plenty healthy.

It’s sad. But you have to consider a candidates mortality.

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“It depends on what your definition of the word “is” is.”

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@MrGrimm888 Either or, the factory output being key to Oliver’s fury & my consequent joy

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No. I would have liked to Obama’s second term repeated with a non-obstructionist Congress and a full Supreme Court.

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We need a change in course from what we are currently doing. Bringing back leaders from the past is not going to cut it. I would prefer to have Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as president.

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No. Not only does he seem frail, dazed and/or drugged, but he’s another pro-establishment corporate-run fake representative, who says the right things on some issues, but not enough, and doesn’t take stands on the right side of many important issues. That’s the problem with the Clintons and even with Obama (who I think might want to do more, but has been convinced he can’t).

I want Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Warren or Stein. As for how to pay for things, I agree with them that we can and should dial back corporate giveaways and military spending to provide for what should be basic needs for people. But it’s far more important to me that we get actual non-corporate-owned representatives to stop things like the TPP, civil rights erosion, abusive banks, environmental protection, climate change, de-escalating oil wars, Native American rights, sustainable energy, and other issues of corporate political corruption, money in politics, civil rights, actual democracy, telling the actual truth, etc.

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Trouble is, @LostInParadise, the no-nothings who want magical change are bringing us no-nothing new pols like Palin, Cruz and—I shudder to write his name—Trump.

Me, I’ll take Hillary’s experience AND baggage over Trump’s ignorance, racism and megalomania.

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Also, @MrGrimm888 you meant…well, that’s just it, I dunno :D

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No. Hillary was the true president. Bill was just the middle man.

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The reason Trump would be so funny is that he’s such a fucking dick, I mean a complete moron, but above all the lumbering idiot is box office…comedy gold to those of us fortunate enough not to call him our leader.

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Would it make any difference? Does anyone imagine that Bill might be the same President today, or more to the point, that America might return to the relative prosperity defined by his era? His poor wife will be handed the withering scraps of what of what he had to play with along with the dismal prospects we all recognize.

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Well, she’ll have Bill as a consultant!

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@ucme It’s too bad there is no funny fucking dick liberal candidate…

If elected, I promise to attack Brazil if they do not immediately stop deforesting the Amazon rainforest!

GMO crops will be outlawed. Monsanto will be disbanded.

All fracking and Tar Sands pipelines will be stopped.

No border walls will remain standing where they interfere with wildlife.

Corporations interfering with government will be treated as terrorist organizations.

Delta Force will be deployed to assist the Black Mambas in taking out poaching of Rhinos, Lions, and other endangered species.

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@ucme . I get it. If I were in another country it would be quite entertaining.

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I live in another country AND I’m a US citizen. What is going on is heartbreaking. I do hope Secretary Clinton wins. Things aren’t going to be ideal. Not for a long time. One election won’t fix what is wrong, but we have to take a step in the right direction. Congress and Senate elections MUST be remedied if any president is going to have a shot at leading. The US had one of the best men as President, but kept him on the bench because of their choices in the other two houses. They even managed to create a lame judicial branch. THAT has to change, not just the presidency.

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@Zaku To dare is to dream

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@Zaku doesn’t seem to know what GMO means. I wish more people did so they could actually discern and stop spreading crazy, unfounded, unscientific fear.

If GMO was made illegal immediately, without actual thought and education, it will starve to death a great many people. I’m sure that isn’t what anyone wants.

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I want to say yes only because Bill just like Reagan had the ability to build a bridge with the members of Congress especially with the Speaker to get real legislation passed. Obama failed epically at this task and Hillary had every opportunity to help her President but they both chose a partisan path. And now with Bill is stumping and highlighting just how miserable the last 8 years have been. But Bill’s indiscretions in and since he was in office would disqualify him of my vote and I find it impossible to even consider a vote for Hillary and another 4 years of lousy Democratic leadership.

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Things can never be ideal, @cazzie. How can it be when the world is run by great apes?

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@Cruiser Well, if Reagan and Bill “had the ability” to build a bridge with the members of congress, that just means the members of congress were willing to make the compromises.
If they refuse to compromise there isn’t much any president can do.

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@Dutchess_III There is plenty of reading material out there on just how incredibly difficult it was for Reagan to work with Tip O’Neil and the same for Bill to play nice with Newt Gingrich. What I did find interesting to read was this quote from Newt….
“Gingrich gave credit to ordinary Americans stating, “It was their political will that brought the two parties together.”

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Gingrich was a sack of creamed shit. He wasted millions trying to impeach Bill. NOBODY cared,but they persisted. Any cooperation was definitely externally motivated.

Newt began the Republican foot dragging bullshit that has pretty much disabled each democratic administration.
Republicans need to understand that if America wanted republican ideas to rule,they would have voted a republican into office.

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Ummm @MrGrimm888 When the voters elected Reagan they did indeed elect a Republican into office. That said I am sorry to see you as a citizen of the US still hold near and dear that it was a waste of US tax dollars to impeach a lying, philandering POS like Mr. Bill and it only nauseates me further that anyone would nominate his wife and their legacy to run our country for even a day.

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@Cruiser . Which politician at the presidential level isn’t a lying, philandering, POS?

Like I said, NOBODY cared. Even Hillary didn’t care enough to detach herself from his coattails.

The impeachment attempt was a massive waste of time, and money. It only served the Republican party’s agenda . Just like now as they kick and scream, like a little kid who doesn’t like bedtime.

Trump doesn’t nauseate you?

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@MrGrimm888 Her not leaving Bill wasn’t an indication that she didn’t care. More than anything I’m sure it embarrassed the living fuck out of her. I’m sure she was livid, and let him know it.
She didn’t leave him, legally at least, because it would have been a bad political move for both of them. That’s a good a reason as any to stay married.

But you’re right. I didn’t really care what he did with his penis and his Mentos. Other than that, he was a good president.

(I was working as a bank teller at the time. We received a fax from another bank one day. Banks are notoriously uptight and conservative. That’s why when I saw, “When is a cigar not a cigar?” in small letters below the letterhead I choked! Almost to death, laughing!)

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