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How can i make a tarot reading?

Asked by davemmex (1points) August 4th, 2008

using renaisance cards

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Theres several different methods, try Google.

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here’s a simple reading – lay out five cards in the shape of a horseshoe, from left to right. the first, on the left, is your present position. the second card on the left is the expected – what you are expecting from the situation. the third, middle card, is the unexpected – what you don’t expect from the situation. the fourth, second from the right, is the short-term future. and the final card all the way on the right is the outcome. you probably need a book about your cards to get familiar with them. it’s also good just to ask a question and draw a card and spend some time meditating on it, maybe tape it to the wall and keep checking in with it over the next few days. if you’ve never used your cards before, keep in mind that it’s a process, they’re not going to just give you answers, you have to learn how to relate to and interpret them. i have about six or seven decks at this point and i enjoy them all for different purposes.

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