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Good Ultimate Frisbee Catchphrases?

Asked by Foolaholic (5804points) August 4th, 2008

My friends and I are making shirts for our local group of ultimate Frisbee players, and we need some really awsome/cliche/ corny catchphrases for the front of the shirts. All i’ve got so far is;

“If you’re not laying out, you’re doing it wrong.”

Any good suggestions?

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Hey, wanna go for a spin?

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If I had a dollar for everytime I dropped a frisbee, I would have $0.
I tried
What is ultimate frisbee, anyway?

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Ultimate players do it laying out.

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I see, so where do I sign up?

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here’s a cafe press store for ultimate frisbee stuff that some other people have made

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Frisbee is really Uberbatman.

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I like the “Got Disc?” phrase from the link ccatron posted.

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Somehow “Nice Catch!” has a good ring to it.

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Catch it, or die.

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@ foolaholic- No for real, wheres a place I can join a team? I always had a knack for Frisbees and Ultimate sounds pretty interesting.

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My Country Frisbee
Sweet Land of Liberty.
okay, I know that was bad. By the way, I get it. Frisbee “Catch” phrases.

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“Got Frisbee?”

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Flip or Die
I will be spinnin’ in my grave
Frisbee = Life
Pull My Disc
GREATEST (someday)

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Nice snatch!

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