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Can you name some famous psychopaths or sociopaths?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18833points) October 10th, 2016

In real life or in fiction?
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Well yeah. Of course. Manson, Bundy, Hitler, Son of Sam, The Greenriver killer, The Zodiac killer, Donald trump.

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@Dutchess_III and the last one the most evil psychopath of them all.

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Here you go.

edit: You may be interested to know that as much as 20% of the population may be sociopathic according to some psychiatric measures, with an even greater number showing psychopathic traits.

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Jack the Ripper
Leopold and Loeb
Idi Amin

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I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Stalin yet.

One of the weirdest psychopaths I’ve read about was Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, one of the first documented psychopathic serial killers in the modern sense of the term.

I first learned of him from an old man who, as a young man, worked for his son, a mayor of Orlando, Florida.

Holmes, whose real name was Mudgett, did two years at a medical school and while there, he stole cadavers from the laboratory, disfigured the bodies and claimed that the victims were killed accidentally in order to collect insurance money from policies he took out on each deceased person.

Before he arrived in Chicago, he left in his wake maimed patients—of whom it is speculated were purposely maimed to satisfy his sadistic urges—a significant number of victims of his financial scams, and a missing six year-old boy.

At the time of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition, Holmes was the proprietor of a pharmacy at the northwest corner of South Wallace Avenue and West 63rd Street in the Englewood neighborhood. The year before the Exposition, he opened a hotel which he had designed and built for himself specifically with murder in mind, and which was the location of many of his murders. He specialized in young women and enjoyed dismembering them surgically in viva. He would then take the parts down to the hotel basement and burn them in the furnace.

He was a deceptively charming and good looking young doctor and had no trouble at all seducing women and girls to his very reasonably priced hotel located conveniently near the Exposition in Jackson Park..While he confessed to 27 murders, of which nine were confirmed, his actual body count could be up to 200.

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@Espiritus_Corvus I’d read about him but couldn’t remember his name.

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Jeffrey Dahmer

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I love a good monster. My favourite murderers are Albert Fish and Karla Homolka.

Albert Fish was a New York housepainter who enjoyed torturing children to death, cooking them, and eating them. He would hacksaw them to death because he said he enjoyed the sound of their screams. The only reason he was ever caught is because he wrote a letter to the parents of one little girl he murdered, telling them she was delicious and that they should be grateful to him for not raping her before he killed her. When Fish was sentenced to death, he thanked the judge and told him the electric chair was the only thrill he had yet to experience. And they ended up having to execute him twice. He had inserted so many pins and pieces of metal into his flesh over the years that he shorted out the chair; they had to surgically remove it all before they could fry him for a second time.

Karla Homolka is even more interesting. She’s a bisexual, drop-dead blonde bombshell who was married to Paul Bernardo, the Scarborough Rapist. Bernardo was a sexual sadist and his trademark before he started killing was stuffing his victims’ vaginas with twigs and writing SLUT across their backs in purple marker. Karla knew about his activities, and had known all along. It was later discovered that she had “given” her own little sister to Bernardo as a birthday present, drugging her with horse tranquillizer. Her sister choked on her own vomit and died during the ordeal and everyone at the time thought it was just a tragic accident.

But that’s not the end of it. At some point Karla decided to help her husband kidnap two young schoolgirls. She’d lure the girls to the van where Paul would grab them. She helped Paul torture, rape, and murder the two girls, then chopped them up and embedded them in cement, which they dumped in the Don River.

The cops had been watching the couple for months (there was a huge controversy when it was discovered they’d suspected them since long before the two girls were killed but hadn’t arrested them because multiple police departments refused to cooperate with each other), and when they arrested Karla and Paul, Karla told them she was terrified of Paul and had only helped him because she was in fear for her life. They agreed to a plea bargain which would have her serve seven years in exchange for testifying against her husband. It was only after they’d agreed to the deal that she revealed she’d filmed everything. The cops hadn’t found the tapes and her lawyer had retrieved the tapes from her house. The only people who have ever seen the tapes are the police and those in the court when they were played, but people who were in the court say Karla was a willing and active participant, and that at one point she masturbated on camera with the severed hand of one of the girls.

The cops were furious they had been duped, but they’d already made the deal and were forced to abide by it. Karla served her time and is now free and living somewhere in Quebec with her girlfriend, a woman she met while in prison. (In revenge, the cops charged her lawyer with possession of child pornography because he’d retrieved the tapes for Karla.)

This is a picture of the photogenic Karla Homolka serving time in Joliet Prison.

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@SmashTheState She only served 12 years and is free now , fron ratting out her boyfriend. She changed her name. Dam! You have excellent sources to know all that sickness.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Karla is kind of a hobby of mine. Like I said, I enjoy a good monster, and she’s pretty unique. There aren’t many female serial killers, and she’s the only one I know of who looks like a porn actress. The seven years is what she would have served if she’d gotten parole, which everyone expected. It wasn’t until the cops realized they’d been played and the entire population of the country was outraged that the decision was made to force her to spend every minute in prison they could get.

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No Kim Yong Un and his family here?

And there’s the Dnepropetrovsk maniacs, aka the “producers” of the infamous short Two Guys One Hammer. They just killed for no reason at all. First they killed animals, then they went for people. I’m glad they got caught. Apparently one of them was afraid of blood and they killed as some kind of “therapy” for him, but I’d like to think killing turned them on.

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There are so many well functioning psychopaths, antisocial personality type disorders in society, but, of course, few are mentioned since they are doing good work. Not all are murderers, serial killers etc.

They are often found in business, they make good doctors often and so on.

My son is antisocial with narcissistic personality disorder. It’s not fun I can tell you. He is not a high functioning psychopath and it has caused me many years of distress dealing with him.

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@SmashTheState Weren’t the Homolka/Bernardo crimes committed in Canada? Why was she in Joliet?

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Leopold and Loeb.

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^^Had them already.

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Edmund Kemper, “The coed killer”, a CA. psychopath here in the early 70’s.
He, originally, shot his grandparents at age 14 but was then, of course, released and went on to murder numerous girls and then, his own mother and her friend. The guy was a monster, stood almost 7 feet tall and, of course, as often happens, upon his release after murdering his grandparents he went to his final parole hearing with the severed head of one of his victims in the trunk of his car. How’s that for irony?
Oh, and how symbolic is this? He put his mothers larynx in the garbage disposal. Guess that finally silenced her. haha

I also lived just 10 doors down fromthe one set of victims of the “Vampire Killer of Sacramento” in the late 70’s. Richard Trenton Chase. Read up on him, another doozy.
I lived alone in my mothers house and was 19 years old, gripped in terror for weeks until he was captured. This guy was really sick, a delusional, disorganized, schizophrenic that believed he needed fresh blood to counteract his systemic poisoning.

I guess witnessing him capturing small birds and animals and biting their heads off on the grounds of his mental health facility wasn’t cause for not releasing him back into the world. haha
When he was caught his apartment was full of dog and cat body parts and blenders full of pureed pets and people and neighbors said they often saw him taking pets into his apartment but never saw them again after that. Obviously he graduated to humans.
As crazy as they come and, sadly, he murdered and cannibalized a young pregnant women not far from me that had dated a good friend of mines brother. Horribly sad.

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Yes, I remember reading about Henry Holmes as well. I was really into serial killer stuff in my 20’s. Probably encouraged a morbid fascination with abnormal psychology after my experience with the Vampire killer in my neighborhood. Albert Fish, the original Hannibal Lector. Yeesh!

Oh and the crazed Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo. Another very special non-human being.

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^^ Ah, I see. Joliette, Quebec, not Joliet, Illinois.

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