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Does anyone else here love their pets like their children?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) October 17th, 2016

Does anyone else here love their pets like they would love a child? I have a kitty cat that I’ve had for almost 14 years. I love her so much. I’ve had her since I was a little girl and I see her like my baby. I take care of her and give her love also as if she were my own child…. Is that weird? Does anyone else baby their pets? Or see their pets as family? Sometimes I even baby talk her lol.

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My animals are family, but certainly not in the same way my kid is. No one faulted me for saying “At least only my dog was hit by a car, and not my son who had chased after him”.

If I’d said “at least my son got hit by a car, and not my daughter”, I’d be a monster.

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Yeah, I totally understand what you mean. Like family. If I had an actual child of course I would love/protect them more than a cat…. but for now she’s like my baby lol. Sorry about your dog getting hit, poor fella.

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No way can I describe how much I love my 16-year old male Siamese cat. We’re growing old together.

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Family pets have always been family to me. With some differences, but basically yes. Their shorter lives have taught me more acceptance for human death, too. But yes, many people consider their pets to be part of their family.

One cat recently has inspired a spontaneous new form of baby talk from me. When he gives me a cute-attack I start making semi-involuntary funny sounds I don’t remember ever making before.

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We don’t have kids, but we do love our cat like a kid.

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Right? Aren’t cats amazing? My kitty is half Siamese and love her to pieces.

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Adorable…... <3 Love it

Same here I see them as family. Whenever I see stray kittens or cats I always try to feed them, I feel so bad if they go hungry and starve.

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That is adorable…. So cute… Same here… I talk to my cat like she’s a baby

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I know a woman who admitted she loves her dogs more than her own son.

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Wow…... Sometimes animals are better than people but wow. She must have a really horrible son or a really amazing dog lol…. but that’s kind of sad.

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I don’t have any kids, but yes, my pets are 100% my family. I also have a ½ siamese.

Meet Yuki. :)

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Sooooooo cute!!! What a cutie pie lil baby!!!! Eyes so pretty :) :D

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I always say our dog is family too…until we’re stranded on a desert island — then that furball is the first one on a spit.

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I love my cats as part of the family but there’s no comparison. The cats will die and they have died over the years, and it’s sad and then you get over it and move on. Everyone who has experienced a child dying says it changes you forever in a big way.

If a disaster were to strike, I would do what I had to in order to take my cats and I would try like heck, but if it had to come to it, the flood waters were rising or there’s a bomb and we had to evacuate, it would be me and my daughter as priority. I wouldn’t stay and sacrifice myself and my daughter for the sake of the cats.

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The dog we had & any dog we may have in the future is certainly considered as family, but no love comes close to the absolute & unconditional love I have for my kids.
Besides, who puts their children in a cage? :D

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I plead the Fifth, Your Honor…

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<sniggers knowingly>

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Absolutely. I’d probably kill someone if they tried to hurt my dog.

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Yes, this dog is loved and beloved!

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I love my cats and my pet goose that is turning 19 this year dearly, and while love is love, if you get right down to it, I would rather my cat died than my daughter. I think you can say pets are family but I do not think you can compare a child to a dog or cat.

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We adore our little dog. She’s probably the smartest dog I have ever met. You tell her once or twice and she’s got a new command down, and she has the very best personality. She’s a people, but she’s not my daughter. She’s my grand-dogger!

But as much as I love this dog she still not my flesh and blood child. There is no contest.

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Nyet, I have no children yet, but I would certainly love them much, much more than any pest er pet. I never have wanted pets. I want only human companionship. It seems neurotic to love pets as much or more than humans.

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