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How to gain strength quickly after illness?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) October 22nd, 2016

What are different ways you can gain strength after you’re down due to some illness for couple of weeks or so?

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I wouldn’t begin to try to answer your question—only your doctor is truly qualified to answer it based on the nature of your illness and state of recovery—but I’m reasonably certain quickly should probably not be your number one priority.

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It partly depends on what illness you had and how you’re recovering.

Just a couple of weeks ill I would venture to say I would spend the first week afterwards eating healthy, plenty of protein, because it’s likely your muscle broke down a little, and very moderate exertion like getting back to work if you work, typical household chores, and if you typically exercise do it at half pace by modifying your usual routine, or not at all, if you are still feeling weak from the illness. Get plenty of sleep and stay hydrated during the day.

As you feel your strength come back you can get back to the exercise level you were at prior to your illness.

That’s a total guess though on my part making many assumptions and I’m not a doctor. I’m just going on what I would do after a flu or bout with a cough that lasted a couple of weeks, etc. I don’t know what you had, and I’m not in your body.

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There is no magic formula. Rest plenty, eat well, take some vitamins, drink plenty of water. I would say the most important is rest. The body needs extra rest during a healing phase. Get 9–10 hours a night of sleep if possible. No, you are not being “lazy.” Sleep is the most restorative function the body can use to heal itself.

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Thanks all for your suggestions!!

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