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What's the first question that pops into your mind when you wake up?

Asked by Jeruba (50619points) October 22nd, 2016

Is it the same one every day?

If not, what’s a common or frequent one?

First question. Not necessarily first thought.

Tags as I wrote them: mindset, questions, daily routine, getting up, facing the world, internal monologue, head trips.

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What time is it?

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Can I hit snooze again or will I be late?

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Oh god I want to go back to sleep. Can I skip my meetings and turn the phone off.

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Do I need this job?
How is it already 6?

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Well, rather predictably, lately it’s been “Can I get the old dog outside before he pees?” Every morning.

dxs's avatar

Did I wake up too late?

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Did I sleep?

ragingloli's avatar

“whose corpses are those?”

ucme's avatar

Should I ring the gong or the bell for breakfast?

Hypocrisy_Central's avatar

Why was I left here on this sorry planet again?

Love_my_doggie's avatar

Weekdays. “Thank goodness I’m self-employed and don’t need to jump out of bed, deal with a nasty commute, and spend my day cooped-up with all those people.”

Weekends. “Ah, I can be lazy and relax this morning. And, I’m not dreading Monday, because I’ll still be self-employed.”

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Psst, @Love_my_doggie, those aren’t questions.

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Where am I? Especially if I am not at home, then what time is it?

imrainmaker's avatar

What’s the update on Fluther?

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It depends on whether or not I’m dreaming. I tend to have dreams about jobs that I’ve had, some of them in the distant past. I actually wake up thinking I have to gear up for those jobs. But the question must be what time is it? Because I always look at the clock, and the reaction can range from panic to indifference depending on the job in the dream.

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Which bus do I want to try to catch?

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Why didn’t my parents practice safe sex?

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Under times of extreme stress I often immediately go to whatever has been worrying me. Often it is the different options for a decision I need to make. Not that I often am in this state, but rather often what causes me to have bad stress is a difficult decision.

Some high anxiety times cause me to have nightmares and I wake on the edge of a nightmare and I sometimes think about what my brain is acting out and telling me.

Most of the time I wake, and my mind is fairly clear in my groggy state. I orient myself, lay in bed for a bit, maybe go to the bathroom, decide whether I want to go back to bed or go out to the living room. It’s really nice to be able to have a slow morning and not have to think much at all. Every morning I have to remember to take my thyroid pill “first thing.”

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What must I do today?

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“I wonder if I can cheat and sleep in for another fifteen minutes or so?”

If it’s light outside (at this time of year, and on a weekday) then the question is, “How much have I overslept?” Followed by the first question.

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How much longer can I stay under these covers until I absolutely have to pee?

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‘What time is it?’ and ‘How is my back and neck today? Can I move?’

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^^What time is it? That is definitely up there in one of my first thoughts.

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@Jeruba I don’t need questions, when I already have the answers.

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Am I still around?

Love_my_doggie's avatar

^^^ Yes, and we’re glad you are!

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My first thought is ugh; I just internally groan. Then I ask myself how long can I stay in bed before I absolutely have to get up for work.

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What day is it? What time is it?

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What time is it? Followed by: Why didn’t I get any sleep last night? Although recently it’s been: Who the heck is using a weed whacker and leaf blower at this hour?

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