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Care to participate in a running commentary on Game 1 of the World Series?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32697points) October 25th, 2016

This one looks like it’s going to be a fun World Series. I’m hoping it’s epic.

I’m at work since it’s the middle of the afternoon. Please, keep me up to date.

Will the Cubs finally end their 108-year-old curse? Will Cleveland spoil it for them and make their fans deliriously happy?

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Following a live blog of the game is not fun.

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The bases are loaded in the bottom of the first, and I can’t watch! FML

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SWING and a miss. I’ll check out the score tomorrow.

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Bottom of the 5th. Cubs are down 3–0.

I’m thinking they’re using this game for recon, they’ll bring Arrietta in to pitch tomorrow (he does better than anyone away from home) then have Lester back at home for game 4 or 5. They’ll sweep at home, and Bob’s your uncle, rings for everyone.

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It’s beyond time to pull Lester, though. He’s soooo nervous.

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WOOO ! Bases loaded and no outs, Contreras coming up to bat. They’ve already pulled their starting pitcher, and my Cubbies eat the bullpen for breakfast.

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Damn, Contreras flew out and they held the runners.

One out, bases loaded.

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Addison Russell coming up to bat. He’s been killing it the last few games.

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Russell whiffs.

Ross up to bat. Bases loaded, two outs.

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Damn. Failed to check swing on strike three. Lame. That was really exciting for a second. Oh, well. Next inning.

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I just got home. I like watching the graphics on MLB Gameday and listening on streaming radio. They’re both delayed a little.

Ouch Cleveland home run, score three more. Dang.

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Girlie rounders…yawn
Also, World Series? Hahahahahahahahaah…<hiccup>

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I don’t think I would characterize it as “Cleveland spoil it for them”, as @Hawaii_Jake wrote.

I think that Cleveland overwhelmed them with pitching, and beat the crap out of the Cubs with hitting. This was not a ‘spoil’ situation. This was an overwhelming show of power.

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Lester wasn’t ready. He’d just pitched the final game of the NLCS. It was a bad decision on Madden’s part to put him in this game.

Methinks the tale changes tonight with Arrietta.

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I remember some other team beating the Cubs 6–0 in the NLCS. Who was that team?

Well, whoever they were, at least now they all have plenty of time to get ready for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Also, they said tonight’s game was going to start at 6PM ET, due to expected inclement weather.

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It’s 6:15PM ET.

There’s a tarp covering the infield. I don’t know when the game is going to start.

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Scheduled start is 7:08, as of last night. When did that change?

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It didn’t change after all.

My “source” was a banner or a chyron I saw at the end of game 1. Apparently the sports division of Faux is about as reliable as the one that “reports” the “news”.

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They announced twice on ESPN radio last night during game 1 that game 2 would be scheduled 1 hour earlier to dodge the rain.

Here it is from 9PM last night – Cubs-Indians 2016 World Series: Game 2 start time moved up due to weather concerns

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Arrieta is on FIRE. <3<3<3 Marry me, Jake!

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TMA* alert:

Excellent- the Baby Bears are up 5–0.

I wonder if they’ll bring in the Havana Hurricane, the Cat 2 Cuban, the A-train, the AC lightning bolt: Aroldis Chapman!

*Too Much Alliteration

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Hahaha, they’ll bring in Chapman to end it all. But My Future Husband Jake Arrieta is 6 innings into a no-hitter, so hopefully they’ll leave him in for a while. We do have a great bullpen but damn, I love to watch that guy pitch.

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The A-train is on the mound and the Indians are stuck in the tracks.

103, 103, 102 and the Lake Erie Losers are through!

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Here’s a good 12 minute interview from the local radio this morning. This fan sits behind the dugout. You’ll recognize her during the next game on TV.

Through Thick & Thin: Season Ticket Holder Spends 45 Years At Wrigley

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I stopped by Wrigley on my way home from work to see the Game 3 shenanigans.
With the loss tonight they can’t clinch the series at home. Bummer.

A scalper told me he’d just sold two tickets for $9,000 right there on the street. I saw two people holding dogs up for dog selfies in front of the big Cubs sign (did not have my camera ready). Thousands of cops were out. Lots of bicycle cop cavalry plus real horses, too.

The scene was super crowded but the mood was friendly and upbeat. I’d like to go Saturday or Sunday with a better camera but I may have to be out of town.

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Yeah, last night was depressing as hell. Glad I had beer.

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The drought is over!


I’m sure you’ll be having your brew in a better mood tonight. ;-)

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Ding dong the goddamn goat is dead. And I lost ten years off my life from the stress of that game.

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7th game with an extra inning? That’s was the best! I would not have been too disappointed if Cleveland won after that.

Because the Cubs are less special now :\

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