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What does Jesus's glow come from? Does it indicate a high chi?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17697points) October 25th, 2016

Can you show a real life depiction of different levels of chi? From zero to godlike? How do I test myself for chi? How do I raise my chi? Is the glow around Jesus a sign of high chi?

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The glow around Jesus is a sign of the skillful technique of the painter, period. Nothing more, nothing less.

A lot of medieval painters used to draw a literal gold circle (halo) above his head and its certainly not how he walked around in everyday life.

None of the examples in the link were created by a contemporary of Jesus and they are certainly not photographs so theres really no telling how he looked in reality.

There used to be more paintings
depicting him with blue eyes and blondish hair which is due far more to cultural prejudice than anything resembling reality.

More modern depictions where he looks the way a typical Jewish person born in the Middle East would look are much closer to hitting the mark.

But theres still no evidence for the face glow.

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You can improve you chi through qigong.

The luminescence depicted around Kesus is representational of his aura, his holiness. But there is no such statement regarding his aura in the Gospel, except when he was praying on the mountain and met with Moses and Elijah.

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It took me a bit to find this, but its far more likely that, while on Earth, he was not handsome nor even particularly attractive in any way.

The first several verses of Isaiah chapter 53 (which propheticlly refer to Him) make this clear.

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Jesus may not have even existed.
There is no such thing as chi.
There is no such thing as an aura.

Okay, backing out slowly now.

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^buzz kill….

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I’ve heard that Jesus are a lot of fish. I’m not saying there’s a definite connection though. Lots of people eat fish.

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He must have liked his Ready Brek

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He is moderately radioactive

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Is this part of your new religion, combining Christianity with the New Age borrowing of the concept of chi from traditional Chinese religion? Are you going to be telling us about Reiki massage and acupuncture? Does your religion also incorporate time travel? I would be interested in the details. I promise not to make any further sarcastic comments.

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Jesus is often shown as having soft, feminine hands. Yet, he’s said to have been a carpenter, a man who labored and worked with his hands.

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Jesus of Nazareth Chernobyl

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The halo ancient artist painted about or around Jesus had nothing to do with any chi (a thought of man anyhow), it was the only way man in his crude way can illustrate or denote holiness.

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It means he’s about to unleash a super Hadoken.

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I chalk it up to his eating lots of hummus and pickled turnips.

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Maybe he’s about to go Super Saiyan.

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How dare you insult the proud Saiyan race!

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I don’t think Goku minds

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Vegeta, the prince of ALL Saiyans, does.

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True. But he gets pissed off at everything. I do so love him.

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The noise coming from nearly all of those voice actors gave me cancer. Other than that, hilarious.

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what do you mean by noise?

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Those voices were unbearable. But I feel that way about most voice actors that dub over characters that weren’t designed for their voices.

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Oh, gods, this takes me right back to eighth grade.

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I’ve been reading the DB manga, up to number 14, starting the Cell Saga. I guess it’s one of those odd instances where the anime actually has more shit happening than the manga. Even though I know what happens already, it’s still great.
Well I never did watch the DB anime when Kakarot was a kid, so that was all new to me.

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