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When trick or treating. Did you ever receive something other than Halloween candy?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2178points) October 30th, 2016

I once received a small orange toothbush with green bristles. It had Happy Halloween, written in black on the handle.

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Hmm, usually rings or a toy of some sort.

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A dentist in the neighborhood gave out toothbrushes and floss. An evangelical family gave out religious comic books.

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Little plastic spiders, pencils, money, and once, a neighbor was passing out hot dogs, hot off his outdoor grill.

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Tooothbrushes, floss, small change, and balloons.

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Well yeah, money, over here in englandtown you get cash & or sweeties in equal measure.
Kids will ask both of the following…

1)Trick or Treat”

2)Penny for Halloween”

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There’s always a few religious tracts. They go right in the bin.

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I love the idea of toothbrushes! All those sweeties need an antidote.

Where I come from, it’s sugary things like chocolate and cakes as well as sweets. Don’t think I ever got anything else.

No-one ever comes to my house as we are at the end of a long road and not many of my neighbours celebrate it. The rule I tell my kids is if there are halloween decorations then it’s ok to knock the door.

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I just bought candy. They put loose-weight free-flow candy in bowls and use a spoon to scoop it in the kids pails. Different from the US. I had my whole bag stolen by a high school kid one year. I remember dimes from old people who’d forgotten it was Halloween. Country trick or treating with cousins where we would get handmade caramel apples or popcorn balls. I loved those.

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No, but as a teenager I once handed out chocolate covered Milk Bines to the kiddies. I got in trouble for that, but hey…trick or treat, and bonus white teeth and fresh breath for the little mongrels. haha

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an arrow to the knee

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I used to be an adventurer like you, once…....

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Honestly though, we never went trick or treating.
Such shameful behaviour is unbecoming for german youth.
What we, as all german children did, was perform a coordinated combined arms pincer attack on the house, overwhelm their defences with blistering speed and brutality, and just take the candy.

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Stickers, peanut butter crackers, fake organic popcorn things, and juice boxes so far. What the hell, yuppie neighborhood?

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@Seek Haha, what no toothbrushes? I seriously can’t believe some fuddy duddy folk actually hand out toothbrushes. lol
Bonus..I just came back from Target and it was a ghost town, I have never seen it so empty, perfect shopping environment for those of us not doing any Halloweenie stuff.
I have my cool bathroom organizer and a 6 pak of Stella Artois, my treat tonight.

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I’m pretty sure I once received a popcorn ball. That’s about it. Nothing interesting.

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