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I get to talk to one of my favorite artist, what do i say to him?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) August 5th, 2008

I talked to Neal Morse today, but i didn’t know what to say or ask. I’m meeting him tomorrow as well, so what should i say to him or ask him? What would you say to your favorite artist?

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Sorry man, I don’t really know who he is. What kind of art? Visual, music, or otherwise?

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Just be real with him. Musicians expect you to talk about their music, but don’t only make it about that. Talk to him about his family, interests, passion, religion. Act like he is a long lost friend you need to catch up with. Be yourself….unless you are a boring person. Then its ok put up a front :)

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@enzox24:He’s a Christian Progressive Rock artist. Check out wikipedia.

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As an artist-fan, you could just have a conversation based on the world as you see it and as he sees it; many topics of interest can be had if they relate to periods in his own writing and what inspired him. If you are also into making music, there would be a natural conversation built right in-influences, other musicians you both admire.

Keep it on a personal level, versus a fan-worshipping level; many pros get ‘weirded out’ by that kind of conversation. Also if you’re a musician, you can ask for pointers and tricks “of the trade” that can help out your own musicality. If you’re not a musician, maybe bringing up other art forms you admire and relating of things that inspire you in art and music, may be some good directions. If you’re lucky, he could share some ‘war stories’ from his touring days-musicians love to talk about that kind of stuff.

Just be yourself; relax and go into the meeting as if you’re long-time friends; your familiarity with his music can be the basis for that, just don’t let it steer the conversation.

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Artists often appreciate views of what your experience of their work is like, especially if you can describe it some way other than good or bad. For example one might say what impression it made on your thoughts or feelings, what it started you thinking about, what aspects struck you in what ways, etc.

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Share with him how his music has influenced your life or inspired you to do or try things. But keep it light…if you have a humorous anecdote relative to his music or a particular song, do share it. Artists perform to have their voices heard and they do want to make an impact on their listeners, but not in an overwhelming manner where every word is overanalyzed and exceedingly revered. And, depending on how many interviews or “meets and greets” he has had to do in the last several days, he may steer the conversation to find out a bit about you, so be prepared to share your interests. Have fun and take a CD cover of one of his albums for a personalized autograph. Afterall, he is your favorite artist!

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I would thank him for sharing his gift as he has and tell him you look forward to him doing so as long as he feels willing. Then I would say “so how are you doing, are you just dying for some kinda take out right now?”.

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I suppose music and why you like to listen to him in particular might be fun. :)

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