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What is your profile pic of?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) August 5th, 2008

Does it have any significance or is it just random?

Mine is from the time I met Pierre Robert, a pretty famous dj on Philly’s biggest rock radio staion, at a concert. I grew up listen to WMMR and it was really cool to meet him and my girlfriend took a picture of us.

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Sea angels!! They are quite cute. =]

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me, drinking tea from a mug that I made.

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Me grabbing some fast food

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A turtle from Disney’s Electric Light Parade (waa waa). I recently went to California Adventure and was able to re-experience my all time favorite childhood memories of Disneyland. This is the 3rd one I’ve had up in about a week. I have one more coming. Wait for it.

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Moi cerca 1966.

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Snowman Bono, melting on Waikiki Beach.

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A bear. Ggggggrrrrrrr…

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mines just a random background that I found in Google but I also use it as my wallpaper for my iPod and desktop. Its a picture of a multicolored tree and has a slogan at the bottom reading “Clear, Confident, Connected.”

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plain jellyfish :s

paulc's avatar

Why, fresh baked pain, naturally.

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I forget… I think it’s a trippy fish that resides in ├╝berbatman’s tank, but it is hard to tell.

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Mmmmmm. Pain.
And that should read circa 1966.

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I have a couple that I interchange: myself with the first tiger I raised, various big cats that I have worked with, one of my birds, (currently) a humpback photographed during my trip to Alaska.

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it’s my cat, Bo, after she shoved herself in a FedEx box.

loser's avatar

A jellyfish that I named Fred.

TrenchMouth's avatar

One of the desktop photos that came with Ghosts by NIN.

eambos's avatar

^ Great Album

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I had to make a tabloid cover for school. I decided to make barney the dinosaur attack the school. This is what came out when I uploaded. To see the whole pic, see here.

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i took a picture of my converse in the sky and did stuff to it on photoshop

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my beautiful baby boy named Yahel..

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My friend Ashley and I, in a photo booth.

8lightminutesaway's avatar

Me caught mid-headbang while playing guitar at one of our last shows. It was deadly.

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Me after I did my hair ?Lol.

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It’s a photograph of me taken in Inferred.

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Mine is a piece or work by Ahren Hertel.

I love his use of colors and some of his subject matter can be dark. If you were to zoom in on this pic closeup, you’d see that she’s got a bleeding hole in her chest that forget-me-nots are growing out of.

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A photo by an artist friend, she gave it to me because she thought it personified me. She’s right, it does.

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My mother took this photo when I stoped by her house after Kung Fu. I crop the photo, but I am actually craddling my newborn neice and my nephew(who is about 3) is behind me playing with his toys. The reason I have that expression is because she takes alot of pictures with her digital camera.

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Me wearing my favorite necklace (not like you can see the necklace on a small picture like this)

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A lemon, because I’m a lemon!!

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Huckleberry, my chocolate lab when he was 2. 5 months old. Now 14 months

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Somebody’s dad.

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The chandelier at the Kenneny Center in Washington DC.

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Oops! I never heard of no President Kenneny. Maybe I meant Kennedy. damn ipod touch.

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Gunhaver of the Cheat Commando’s

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Death from the Sandman comics by Neil Gaiman. She’s a great character and it easily shows a few interests of mine.

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Just a random anime character with blue hair. It will probably change again.

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I’ve since changed mine. Now it is a picture Pete drew me. <3

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My face for a day!

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You aren’t Darth Vadar? My whole world has been shattered!

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only when I sport the groovy threads

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