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Who is more pro LGBT; Clinton or Trump?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) November 10th, 2016

I heard someone rant on Youtube that the following years will be difficult for LGBT people as Trump has won the election, yet others said that he’s the better of the two when it comes to LGBT issues. As I run my own search I found that Hillary has always been more acceptable toward LGBT community. Now I’m starting to question how come some people could think that Trump is the best of the two in term of LGBT movements, or if he ever cares about LGBT rights and privileges.

What do you think? Will Obama’s legacy toward LGBT community be strip away during Trump’s reign?

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Thanks to Trump, a lot of LGBT’s will go back into the closet. (No wonder they’re so mad!)

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Well, which one picked an unabashed anti-LGBT politician as their running mate? There’s your answer.

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I think Trump has a feeling of indifference toward the LGBT community but he has a lot of followers and the vast majority of the Republican Party that have an unconcealed hatred for them and will use there newly acquired power to reverse what gains toward parity have been made.

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How, and more significantly why, would I go back in the closet.

I’ve revealed my sexuality to those I chose to based on propriety.

A Trump presidency isn’t going to change the public’s opinion on issues.

Sure, Pence is now the Vice President-elect.

That doesn’t mean I fear being nabbed off the street and sent to conversion therapy.

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@SecondHandStoke I didn’t say all would go back into the closet. You are obviously an exception. Time will tell.

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^^ Conversion camp?

Maybe if the food is really, REALLY good…

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^^ The food may not be that good but I hear the balls are to die for….

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I would guess Trump is more pro LGBT because how could anyone be less so than Pence? Although neither of them would consider carrying a banner in Times Square.

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