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Is it the political defeat that bothers Democratic party losers, or the realization that they are not as popular as they imagined that they were?

Asked by josie (30931points) November 10th, 2016

Nobody likes losing in a competition. That’s understandable. But it happens.

And I know that Donald Trump is not the kind of person that people are used to seeing as a candidate, much less the President. Nobody, including me, really knows what to expect and I am waiting with bated breath along with everybody else.

But the reason I am not a Democrat (I agree with much of the party’s platform) is this idea that so many of them have that they are simply right by entitlement, that people who don’t agree with them are ignorant and that in order to be respectable, sensitive and proper, people should be just like them.

Well, it seems that more people than they imagined do not share their belief.

Losing a “popularity contest” when you thought you were hot shit requires a whole different variety of introspection. It is way more difficult.

So which one is it that most bothers the losers this time around?

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Neither. It is the fact that a man who ran on a platform of xenophobia, religious intolerance, racism, misogyny, and jokes about the disabled was elected by less than a majority of the voters.

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What zen said…

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Not really neither.
You are sort of restating the fact that they simply don’t like that they lost. Sort of like Ohio State hates to lose to Michigan. So between the two alternatives, you are going with the first?

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Josie… Do tell. What about the Democratic platform do you agree with?

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@josie You are dismissing what we are saying. But it is not one or the other. It is who won the Presidency, and what he represents and champions.

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It’s all over this site, in responses to myriad questions.

And maybe it isn’t words in the platform, because I have not read it. I use the term “Platform” as a sort of short hand for the stuff that I here my Dem colleagues talk about.,

But here, once again, are the issues that I share agreement with my Dem party friends.
And I hope this will be the last time I have to say it. I get sort of tired of repeating it.

I oppose the death penalty
The government is not empowered to force or even coerce a woman to take pregnancy to full term
Corporations are not the same political entity as individual citizens
The Second Amendment does not mean that the government can not regulate the sale and use of firearms.
The US has, since WWII been too trigger happy in it’s foreign policy
Women are equal partners in the social, political and commercial endeavors of the American society
Drugs should be de criminalized
Police are overly militant
Gay people should be allowed to enjoy a legally sanctioned commitment to partnership.

I won’t and can’t make a list that would ever impress the likes of you or your recorded attitude towards me.

And certainly there are things that I don’t agree with.

And having said all this AGAIN, your diversion notwithstanding-

My question still stands.

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They are upset about the political defeat—in part due to simple pain of losing, yes, but also because of the consequences they fear it may bring. They know perfectly well that they—and especially Clinton—are not popular (though in Clinton’s case, that problem arises primarily when she is running for something). Even the subset of elitists you mention realize that being right and being popular don’t always go together (and while some might think they should automatically go together, such a view overlooks the fact that being right and being able to convey that one is right are not the same thing). Indeed, their ability to realize this probably causes the worst of the elitists as much frustration as anything else.

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It is the same here on a grander scale, certain parties believe they are right and correct and any who disagree is stupid, xenophobic, religious intolerant, racist, misogynistic, buffoon of sorts. The thing is, if they truly thought him that way, why did they not go out and vote against him? Why did those who wrote in Sanders not bite their lip and vote Hilary even if they believe her to be a crook or a Jezebel? I read one article that stated only about half the eligible voters got out and voted. If they were too busy to vote, or did not vote because, as you say, they believed Hilary the hot shit and backed by every man and his brother, and was made of Teflon and could not be beat, then they can’t complain because they did not help her win. Also because maybe they see themselves as more outlier than they wanted to believe.

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They, like the country, need to accept he won & move the fuck on, he ain’t going away so might as well get used to him as president…unless (assassinated)

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I recall other times when the Democrats lost a presidential election. We just sucked it up and hoped for the best. Trump is unlike anything we have ever seen before. There is good reason to be angry. What Trump says is so full of hatred and lies that I can’t take listening to him for more than a minute.

HC, How do you know how the people protesting Trump voted? Maybe those who stayed home have no problems with him. More people voted for Clinton than voted for Trump.

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You didn’t have to be ignorant and insensitive to vote for Trump but I am sure it must have helped. I think Trump was a shockingly bad candidate for president and his success has not changed my opinion one iota. Only Trump can convince me I was wrong and I hope he can.

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It’s not the political defeat. It’s not concern for the Democrat brand (although I’m sure the party apparatchiks are fretting over all that). For most of us, it’s dismay that what carried the day was an appeal to authoritarianism, nationalism and exclusion. We had allowed ourselves to hope that more Americans wouldn’t fall for that.

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As I see it there is a major philosophical split within the US on what exactly it is to be an American and what you are seeing is the half of us that couldn’t or wouldn’t believe we were in a culture war coming to realize that it was actually real and we lost and having to accept this reality.

I understand what you are saying regarding agreeing with a large portion of the platform, I think there are many like you (and me for that matter) and a couple of decades ago we would have sought compromise on this common ground but since Gingrich hit the scene with his divisive, no compromise attitude and destructive, negative comments toward the opposition we have decided to take the route of polar opposites; ignoring what we have in common in order to focus on our differences. We won’t work to make a flawed system better because our side did not come up with it; we want to scrap it and start over. Black-white, good-evil, there is no acknowledging middle ground anymore.

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I’m not upset about my party’s popularity. I’m upset that a man who I am afraid of is now president. This has nothing to do with my ego.

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All the Trump supporters keep saying the Clinton supporters are just upset because their candidate lost. Speaking for myself (and I was not a big fan of Clinton either), I have never been even close to being upset like I am now when the candidate I didn’t vote for won. It goes well beyond that, and being accused of being a sore loser shows just how ignorant some people are.

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@LostInParadise HC, How do you know how the people protesting Trump voted? Maybe those who stayed home have no problems with him. More people voted for Clinton than voted for Trump.
Aside what the talking heads said, around here, there were more prayer vigils conducted on behalf of Trump and those who actively supported him were way more active than those for Hilary.

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If I were religious, I would pray for Trump’s soul, which he apparently exchanged for the presidency.

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being accused of being a sore loser shows just how ignorant some people are

Sort of an example of what I was trying to say.

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We have lost plenty of times to Republicans. That may make us annoyed but this man isn’t a Republican or a Democrat. He did it for his own self interests. Bush at least entered with the idea of doing the job. He’s passing the football to Pence and is already calling it a day as he places his children into key positions and lobbiest into positions to further their own goals with no real interest into looking for alternatives, that will better things for the public.

How do you think it’s going to go. An oil man in charge of energy. Good bye any clean energy projects, and coal can forget being used. But HELLO Pipe lines all across the nation.
EPA has and equally horrible person. Hello, polluting companies. We want you to dump here! Wall Street is already Happy. They know what’s coming their way. That is why their stocks are rising. Lots of money for them. Huge tax breaks for the rich. Lobbiest everywhere are salivating. Well, except for those who actually are interested in our planets future.

That horrible Sheriff Joe is going to be the head of Homeland. Civil rights will be set back. This is what people are objecting too. Trumps followers are finally starting to notice that Trump was full of hot air. They thought they were not voting for an elite, and Trump is the most elite of them all. He just wanted the title with a chance to improve his company.

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Here is Elizabeth Warren’s response Nobody, but nobody, speaks as well as she does. I sure hope that her speech kicks off a campaign to run for president in 2020.

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Elections are not a popularity contest. Elections are about electing people to carry out functions of the government. Most people who are now acting dismayed are not just annoyed because their party lost, they are extremely worried about those people who are going to be serving in those positions and making decisions and policies which will determine the direction of our country and affecting our everyday lives. Trump’s picks for his cabinet thus far are not encouraging for our country going forward in a more positive direction. By the same token, I am scared to death of his picks for the Justices of the Supreme Court. If the author of this question is serious about the issues he named, he should be at least wary about Trump’s picks for the supreme court and cabinet positions of his administration.

Having said that and meaning it if in fact the election shown people did in fact reject a progressive message, however such is not the case. In fact, Hillary’s votes keeps rising by the day and there is talk of recounts in certain states. I don’t really think it will amount to much but it does give the lie that people have shown by their votes they prefer Trump’s brand of idealism and his running mates brand of extreme conservatism and his picks for his cabinet extreme right wing agenda. For example his pick for the Department of Education couldn’t be more telling, not to mention Sessions for Attorney General.

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