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Trump voters. Will you feel responsible if Trump fails? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16432points) November 18th, 2016

Ok. I’ve heard enough about us trying to accept Trump if he miraculously makes a positive contribution to the USA, and how everyone should give him a chance.

What if he fails miserably?

Will those who supported him admit their role in the outcome?

After all, Trump has NO experience in government.

He spewed hateful rhetoric, and stirred hateful people to vote for him.

He’s currently courting a few racists, anti environmentalists (for EPA),anti semites, and former GS big wigs (criminals) for his underlings/advisors.

Seemingly he will enable big banks to run wild,instead of reigning them in ,as they should be, after ‘08….

Will those who put this clock in motion take responsibility?

How could you justify the people put in power, after such obvious caution signs?

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I don’t think they’ll ever admit anything that happens is a ‘failure’. People are so successfully self-deluding, that they’ll continue to talk about rainbows and unicorns when there are internment camps and civil war. I think what we should be asking is how bad does it actually have to get for them to wake up that it was a mistake to vote for him. HOW BAD, people, does it have to get for you and your workplace, family and friends?

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Almost half of those who voted did so for this megalomaniac. To me it’s the most frightening statistic of the 2016 election. Frankly, I can’t imagine those so incredibly misguided to believe he’s fit to be a leader, let alone leader of the free world, could possibly be capable of admitting they made the incredible mistake of electing him.

It’s impossible for me to adequately articulate the depth of my despair over Trump’s election.

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One of the hallmarks of the right wing, and politicians in general, is that they take responsibility for NOTHING.

It’s always someone else’s fault.

So if he fails (however it is defined), it cannot/will not be Trump’s fault.

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“Herp derp, at least it wasn’t Killary. Emails. Benghazi. ISIS!”

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@elbanditoroso thats just people in general, you could replace right wing with left wing and it would read the same

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@josie isn’t going to ever admit anything is wrong. Why would he?

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The blame lies squarely on those who voted for Hillary over Bernie, end of.
Sanders would have pissed in as a credible candidate & left Trump in the vapour of his hairspray, sucking his butthurt thumb as he wept bitter tears of defeat.
Americans, or more to the point, Democrats, you blew your best chance before the election even began, horse bolted.

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^^I endorse the truth of above message. Nothing more needs to be said.

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I totally agree with @ucme I think Sanders down fall was that he had the word socialist in his title and the Yankees FREAK at that ,after all it’s just one short step to all out communism .
and that is BAAAAAD.
He never should have called himself a (democratic socialist) that was he undoing.

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anyone willing to talk about the third party voters? yeah…. gutless arseholes.

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There are STILL people who think Hiltler wasn’t a failure. Really. Just think about it.

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Bernie would never have one the rust belt as a Democratic Socialist. That ship sailed a long time ago.

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Edit: “won”!

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I am probably alone in this, and that’s fine, at this point I’m pretty sure I disagree with almost everyone I know in more ways than I can keep track of… but I feel that if Obama has been too progressive for much of America, as illustrated by this circus of an election and its results, I’m pretty sure that Sanders would have only continued to fan the flames. I don’t believe that the candidates are the problem or the solution. As a person living in the Midwest surrounded by conservative Americans, it’s really hard for me to believe that the USA is ready for a progressive administration. We’re not there. And trying to force progression has only driven the far right to further dig in their heels and more moderate conservatives to lean further in that direction because liberal politics and social perspectives have strayed so far from what is comfortable, familiar and in line with their own values. Or, at least, that is how many perceive it.
I don’t think the blame can be placed on any one single group of people. We have several serious cultural issues that need to be addressed if we want to bounce back from this. But, they won’t be. We’ll all keep pointing fingers until history repeats itself, one way or the other.

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Negative. I’m responsible only for what I do, not the deeds of others. Any person voted into an office of honor, is responsible for doing what is honorable.

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