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Do you feel like every year, the holiday season is upon us so quickly?

Asked by jca (36054points) November 21st, 2016

I feel like every year, all of a sudden, the holiday season is upon us so quickly. Maybe it’s that as I get older, time goes faster but it’s like BOOM, Thanksgiving and Christmas is around the corner.

Do you feel that way? I know only in the US do we have Thanksgiving, but many all over celebrate Christmas and other winter holidays.

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On the contrary, I feel that the holiday season approach sooooooo sloooooooowly. I guess that’s because you get older and feel that time goes faster it has been scientifically proven too. Another reason may be that there are so many holidays in America, and you aren’t so busy that your mind is occupied by work. I think if you became me, who is constantly juggling with school work and only enjoys two holidays a year, and experienced my life, your opinion would be different.

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Yes. I swear we just had Christmas 2 weeks ago!

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When I was a kid, my birthday and Christmas took forever to arrive. Now an old man, months fly by. If I live long enough, a year will take only a moment to pass.

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Other countries have Thanksgiving (Canada) or similar harvest festivals (much of western Europe). The difference is the space between our harvest festivals and Christmas. We had Thanksgiving in early October. It’s a nice chill break before we have to think about Christmas.

I’ve also stuck with my family’s German tradition of not revealing Christmas decorations until the 24th. That means decorations only in one room – with a door so the tree etc is hidden until the 24th. Means a lot less fuss/muss than what I see around me.

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Usually, yes. This year not as fast as usual. Too much happened this year, and too much I dreaded. Dread seems to draw out the days.

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Yes. It seems like just three months ago I struggled taking down that darn tree and doing all that cooking. I’m going to make some things easier for myself this year.

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As I’ve aged, ALL holidays, birthdays and other occasions come faster and faster. We’ve discussed this phenomenon on Fluther often. Speaking for myself, I could do without it.

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My daughter is away for school this year for the first time, and won’t be home for Thanksgiving. She was home in October, but will not be back until the 18th of December.

So this year it seems like it is going much slower.

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Yes, the Xmas decorations have invaded the stores for the last mnth already. Ugh! Yesterday I ran into a local dept. store for one little item and the holly jolly music was blaring. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. haha
I agree, as I have gotten older and now that my daughter is grown, getting past the holidays feels like getting past the election, lets just be done already!

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