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Go Buckeyes?

Asked by josie (30926points) November 25th, 2016

OSU vs U of M tomorrow at noon.
As far as I am concerned, all other issues are temporarily suspended.
Go Bucks

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Not much of a concern outside the I-75 corridor. Once in a while it is meaningful, only meaningful this year if other teams lose.

I have considered Ohio State as a reprehensible example of sportsmanship since the Woody Hayes days.

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Uh, no.

Gig ‘em.

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It’s funny. I’ve been a lifelong Michigan fan. But I hate, I mean HATE Harbaugh with the passion that mirrors the white hot heat of the cores of a thousand suns. So yes. Go Buckeyes.

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For me it’s a tossup, as long as one of them can roll over the Tide.

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F the Buckeyes…..

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Best answer so far!

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I’ll just add that the Ohio State fans and band were very good to Cal fans when Cal went to go visit. I didn’t go to that game, but I wish I did.

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Fake punt? Seriously? Against that defense?

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Harbaugh is so calm…..


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Wow. What a game.

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Bittersweet for me. My dad went to Michigan, I have family in Michigan and my best friend is an Ohio State fan. For 45 years we have given each other crap about the Ohio State/Michigan game and it kills me to pull for Ohio State.

But, as I mentioned, I hate Harbaugh to the core of my soul so it does me good to see him lose.

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I was there.
I wonder if the TV showed what a douche he was.
I like his brother better.

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@Brian1946 Neither will beat Bama.

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