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Why bad habits are easy to create and so hard to break?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) November 28th, 2016

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Same reason good habits are easy to create and hard to break. How easy would it be to suddenly stop hooking up a seat belt?

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There is a commonality to bad habits, in that they allow us to avoid processing negative feelings while giving us an illusion of good feelings.

Those good feelings are false, however, but we are lulled into not processing our difficult feelings by using the bad habit.

And the bad habit is hard to break because we have to process those bad feelings to overcome the bad habit. We eventually reach a point where we can stop the bad habit an process the feelings, or die as a result.

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Because bad habits are FUN habits!!! Some are dangerous, too!

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^^ haha.. that’s right..)

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bad habits mean fun times
good habits usually mean work will follow
dumping fun is not easy..

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Smoking is a bitch. To parrot Mark Twain, “quitting is easy, I have done it hundreds of times.” haha
That and eating healthy. I am a hedonist at heart and it takes a lot to keep me in a discipline mode. I am a creature of extremes, either amazingly fit or completely out of shape, not much middle ground.

I took a friend to the racquet cub last night and had a fleeting thought of “hey, maybe I should join and make use of the pools and courts”.
Like I said, it was fleeting, then I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home. lol

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