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Did you see (and if you did, did you like) the movie The Wackness?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) August 6th, 2008

i just saw it and i LOVE it

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I saw it, I thought it was cute. Nothing special. Setting the movie in 1994 had no real purpose other having a good soundtrack. It sort of annoys me when filmmakers make choices like that because there’s absolutely no relevance to the story (other then the idea of making mixtapes, which could have just as easily been CDs)

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I want to see it but it isn’t playing in ANY of my theaters.

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oh but it is

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@TheHaight I’m assuming you live in San Francisco from you username- I’ve seen the movie in the city. Do you mean it’s not playing at one of your favorite theaters? Cause it’s definitely playing a couple places in the Bay Area (and at least one theater specifically in San Francisco).

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