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Where can I buy Mexican Coke in Seattle?

Asked by bob (3193points) July 22nd, 2007

Not the drug, the real-cane-sugar sweet goodness that is Coca-Cola de Mexicana. In glass bottles, with no corn syrup, unlike our American version. I know you Californians have access (although selling it at Costco seems excessive). What about Seattle?

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yeah no doubt that the Mexican coke is still untainted by the universal corn syrup. Man that is some good coke. I have a case in the garage. I would say make nice with some one in SoCal and ask them to hook-a-brotha up.

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You might look for something called Cane Cola... you can get this brand in Philly quite far from the border. It tastes very similar to the sugar sweetened Coke that you get in India, which I assume is similar to the coke in Mexico, with the exception of the at water supply.

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My research indicates that Mexican Coke was spotted at the Costco in Federal Way on 7/24/2007 (although Costco staff can't verify this), and is available in several Mexican markets around town, such as La Conasupo in Greenwood.

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I found Mexican Coke at the Costco in Seattle.

If you want to find out whether Mexican Coke is available at your local Costco, call and ask whether product number 179571 is in stock. If you just ask for Mexican Coke they'll say they don't have it (because they don't know), but if you ask for the product number they'll look it up.

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They have it in almost all Seattle area costcos I have bought it may of times there, the price is about 20 dollars fir a 24 pack of 12 ounce bottles

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