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French speakers when do you use the word "ne" without the "pas" somewhere in the sentence?

Asked by flo (13313points) December 20th, 2016

French speakers when do you use the word “ne” without the “pas” somewhere in the sentence?

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When you’re using a different negative modifier.
For example – ne….jamias for never Il ne veut jamais venir avec nous

or ne….plus for anymore or no longer Je ne travaille plus

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^This. Note that the ‘pas’ is replaced by something else in these cases. Ne…plus, ne…aucun(e), ne…jamais, ne…que.

There is also this, in which the ‘pas’ is not replaced by anything.

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Its also probalbly worth pointing out in the spirit of completeness that you use the pas without the ne if you want to informal _ Je sais pas_ instead of Je ne sais pas (I don’t know)

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@Lightlyseared If you want to be informal or when speaking Québécois. :)

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Je be sais quoi. Means “something that cannot be adequately described or expressed.”

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Also in some archaic expressions or poems, when the “pas” is omitted for aesthetic reasons but should normally be there:

A Dieu ne plaise ! (God forbid!)

“Je ne sais quoi” mentioned above is one such cases too.

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I am not fluent in French but the phrase ne rien came to mind. (at least I still remember a bit of my high school French!)

Here are some examples from the link below:

ne… rien

___ ne risque rien
___ will be okay, nothing can happen to ___

Ça ne compte pour rien dans
That has nothing to do with

Ça ne fait rien.
It doesn’t matter, Never mind.

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Thanks you all .

How do you say, “No, thanks, it’‘s alright” other than “No merci” or (Çà ne fait rien?)?

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^ one option is: “Non (merci), c’est pas la peine.”

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Also from my high school French-I remember the phrase “Ce n’est pas la peine de crier! Je ne suis pas sourd!- translation- “There’s no need to shout, I’m not deaf!”

I can see the similarity between the phrase, “there’s no need” and “No thanks, it’s alright”

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