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Do you "supplement"?

Asked by cinnamonk (5397points) December 26th, 2016

I enjoy reading, but the books I like to read I tend to find challenging. So while I am reading or after I have finished a novel, I’ll also look online to see what other people have written about it. If there is a Sparknotes entry on the book, I’ll read the chapter summaries and analyses, to see if there is anything I missed or symbolism/themes that I didn’t pick up on. I think doing this helps me engage with the story better.

Do you think this is a good reading strategy? What strategies do you use to be a better reader?

Bonus comic for title reference

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I always watch spoilers before I decide to watch a movie or not.

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Yes, I do that, and for movies and TV shows, as well.

Beware of spoilers, though. It really isn’t a good idea to look at any responsa until after you’ve finished reading or watching.

I was enjoying the novel “Girl on the Train” (bad film but very engaging book) until I read a review that solved the mystery and spoiled the ending. Grrr…so annoying.

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I do try not to spoil the novel or movie for myself. I’m very glad that I didn’t read the spoilers for the 2016 movie 10 Cloverfield Lane, for example.

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It is my firm belief that a movie, order to be good, has to work even if you already know how it ends.

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I don’t use any strategy. I just read. A lot.

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@Dutchess_III what are you reading currently?

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Movies, yes. Books no.

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John Grisham’s newest book, The Whistler. I read anything and everything by John Grisham.

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I look at the numerical rating for films prior to watching them, but I don’t always read viewer comments. I do after and especially if there’s something that bothered or confused me.

I’ll look at reader’s recommendations for books but I don’t usually seek out Spark notes etc. I think it’s a good idea though and is similar to attending a book group where you might develop a deeper understanding of a text and see themes from different perspectives.

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Before I draw a picture from a book I make sure to cradle my crayons in my left hand, much like that of a dart player. I then scan the original image in order to not go over the lines when shading.

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