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Would a cat notice you wearing cat ears and a tail?

Asked by ragingloli (42755points) December 29th, 2016

What would the cat be thinking?
Inspired by this clip

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Loli, what are you up to?

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I will not abide by your frivolous insinuations.

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That clip explains so much about you @ragingloli . And you hate us!

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The cat would probably thinking “Take those off, you look like an idiot. [sigh] These posers, do they think they’re cute or something? What would they think if I took artificial human tits and walked around with it, saying “Look at me, I’m human!” ”

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A cat would probably think the tail was interesting as a separate object, and not pay much attention to the ears, I think, although they might relate to the ears however they were shaped as if they were cat body language. Unmoving pointy forward ears though are just normal unconcerned body language, though. The tail might be a potential toy if it’s on the ground and small enough and being dragged the right way, not much different from if you have a string stuck to yourself and walk away. If the tail were pointed straight up and you were in certain postures, they might think it was a cat greeting (you can sometimes do that by holding an arm up like a cat’s tail when greeting). But mainly cats are very observant and will know it’s you and some objects. They might think “uh oh what’s the human up to now?”

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Cats don’t give a shit about anything.

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Mine would. We’ve lived together for 17 years and are amazingly tuned into each other.

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A cat might notice but a cat would not condescend to let you know that he or she had done so.

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