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When will the Fluther iPhone App be available in the UK?

Asked by kristianbrodie (153points) August 7th, 2008

I’m a new ‘Flutherer’ and a new iPhone owner, and I’m driven mad with jealousy to see that there is a Fluther iPhone app available, but just not in the UK…

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Welcome! I believe that the iPhone App is just a web-app at the moment (although I haven’t been on for a few days so I may have missed the release of an App-store app). You can get to the web-app by visiting regular Fluther,, in Safari on your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and you will be redirected automatically, or visit (you end up in the same place).

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I think you’re right. No application yet, but there is a web app, which seems like a glorified bookmark that directs you to the mobile version of Fluther.

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Great explanation, blue!

There is no app in the app store, just a webpage formated to fit in the iPhone’s screen. Just follows his instructions and you’ll get to it right away.

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