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What are your favorite app games made by Popcap?

Asked by Carly (4555points) January 12th, 2011

I’ve been really satisfied with PopCap’s “bejeweled2” and “Plants vs. Zombies.” Do you have any favorites that you’d recommend trying out?

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Majoghnn (sp?) The game and music really relaxes me.

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Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies.

Everyone in my family loves them both so much we have them on multiple devices (PCs, iPad & iPhone).

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The most addicting little puzzle game ever.

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Bookworm Adventures II

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Peggle consumes souls.
Oh the sweet high you get from pulling an ULTRA FEVER with Ode to Joy blasting through the speakers.

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Bookworm and Bejeweled

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@sinscriven It consumed my engineering classmates.

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