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Should Rick-rolling on Fluther be a flaggable offense?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) August 7th, 2008
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if it doesn’t answer the question, support another answer or rebut another answer with the rick-roll, then yes, i think it should be flagged. on the other hand, if the question is, “Are you ever going to give me up?”, then a rick-roll is appropriate.

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Nah, it’s all in good fun.

Usually rickrolls only appear in stupid or poorly asked questions. We usually respect well asked or serious questions.

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Rick Rolling is imperative to the survival of internet humor.

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Is it bad that I know the URL for rickrolls?

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I’ll take the contrary opinion, Rick-rolling should be punishable by death, or at very least by having your fingers eaten by wolverines so you can never post to the internet again.

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I’m pro-RickRoll when used appropriately (to answer something where that could be a good response), but anti when it comes to leading someone astray by saying something like “Here’s a video on puppies!”

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empresspixie, please explain to me when rick-rolling is approriate? i have NO CLUE when that could be

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How about less predictable and more original humor? RR has been done to death – or at least to a coma-inducing state.

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Dr. Hat, I’d be pro RickRoll as a response to: What is your favorite internet meme?, Someone talking about refusing to give something up (anything, even cigarettes but they have to say “never gonna give you up” talking to the item), How did you first learn about the cruelty of the internet?

Not appropriate: Backing up in the middle of kissing your girlfriend and rickrolling her live, in person. (This has happened to me.)

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You were kissing Rick Astley?


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Rickrolls are retarded. I have never found one remotely funny. I’d find paint drying to be funnier, so I would vote yes to flagging rickrolls.

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I think the situations they’re used in are stupid, but I think the actual thing itself is hysterical… mainly because that song was so ginormous when I was a kid.

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I’d rather be Jonrolled. Anyone rember “Jane’s Getting Serious” by Jon Astley….anyone?

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Ok, so why I have I never heard of this before? Do my friends just know me so well, that they don’t send me crazy links?

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here’s a good description of what Rick-Rolling is.

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oh god ccatron i was worried your link was a rick-roll!

phew! i almost had to flag you!

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haha, nah, i’m not a rick-roller…i guess I should have given a disclaimer so there wouldn’t be any confusion

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