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Where was Sasha?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36040points) January 10th, 2017

Obama gave his goodbye speech tonight, and Sasha wasn’t there.

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The speech was in Chicago, Sasha goes to school in DC, and it’s a school night.

Alternative conspiracy theory: she’s the designated survivor. ~

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I was there. She was probably nervous about meeting me.

But CBS says, “Sasha stayed back in D.C. because she has an exam at school Wednesday morning, a White House official said.”

We were far, far back in the crowd. I had to pick up my 5’3” friend to see Obama off in the distance. We couldn’t hear a lot of the speech over the crowd noise. But it was a really nice night in a really friendly crowd and it was a pleasure hanging out for a few hours.

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^^^^ Green with envy.

Thanks @SavoirFaire. I was just worried that she was really ill or something.

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