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Life is all about choices...what choices are you having to make today that directly affect your life for better or for worse?

Asked by Cruiser (40449points) January 11th, 2017

As asked. Life is a constant barrage of choices…which ones are you faced with? And if you care to share…why did you make this choice or where you are struggling with this choice?

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Still battling with the quitting smoking thing. So every five fucking minutes is a horrible, painful decision about lighting up. Luckily I have been able to push work to others so I don’t have that stress. I want to punch a kitten.

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@johnpowell Been there many many times. If you are serious about quitting…DO THIS! When you have the urge to smoke….stand and grab you knees and inhale as deep as you can (slowly and deeply) and exhale (again slowly and deeply) If you are not coughing and hurling repeat up to ten times. Do this religiously everytime you have the urge to light up. Also get Blow Pop suckers to help mitigate the oral fixation that comes with smoking…suck a sucker instead of lighting up. Or have a kid and make a rule that you cannot smoke in the house. Standing in 10” of snow in a bathrobe smoking a cig will change your attitude in a heart beat. Stop that shit dude!

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I choose not to drink or use mind altering substances today. I have done so for over thirty years, one day at a time.

If I choose otherwise, it would be a slow org of suicide.

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The big choices looming are:

Whether to address some medical things. Some are real problems and some are things I should just get checked like everyone should.

What house to build or buy. I’m in a limbo. We bought a “small” house for now and hope to turn it into an investment property or maybe my husband’s parents will live in it eventually. Part of me wants to build on a big piece of land (10+ acres) not in a community. We currently own a big lot (almost 4 acres) in a community that we are supposed to build on.

My husband and I are trying to decide whether to have garages on our property where our home will be, where he would run his business. The negative is employees who don’t make much money will see our “fancy” big house. A house we could never build based on the business we own, it’s money from our previous life working in corporate.

Eventually, we need to decide whether we like owning this business or not. We also need to make some changes for now, like the sec’y we have now we have some problems with, and need to probably eventually hire someone else. No matter what I think we will at minimum change her job to part time.

I’ve been deciding to do more on my own. My husband and I have always done our own thing to large extent, while also doing many things together, but I’m at a point where I feel more of a need to pursue my own interests. One big thing for me is some travel.

I have serous dread about having to deal with finding and deciding on health insurance when my cobra runs out.

I make bad decisions every day about what I eat. I have to get this under control.

In a few months my car lease runs out and I’ll have to decide what car to lease or buy. I hate that process.

More and more I have to decide to not insert my opinion about a variety of things with my husband. I’m shocked at how this has evolved over time.

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To fire or not to fire…chef to be specific.
If I do that means the wife will want to cook until a replacement can be found & that means increased fire insurance & many burnt offerings, but he transgressed with last evenings salmon mousse something i’m not prepared to overlook.

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Number one choice each day is to get up out of a warm bed and go to work. I wish I didn’t have to work full time but I need to keep this ship afloat. Salary is decent and benefits are great so I soldier on.

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Today I chose to work from home because I am fighting off a bout of pleurisy, and I chose yesterday to push myself and go into the office and paid dearly for it with a very painful evening.

I’ve chosen not to bother with talking to my doctor about it because a chest x-ray already ruled out anything more serious and I’m familiar with pleurisy and just how helpless doctors are to treat it.

Today I’ve decided I’ll put in a phone call when work is over to the reporter I’m in talks with about an ACA story, since she didn’t call me when she said she would and isn’t replying to emails.

Last night I chose to express the extent of my hopelessness to Matt, which didn’t really do anything to make me feel better and just made him sad.

Luckily last week I chose to start seeing my therapist on a weekly basis instead of every other week, so I have that appointment later today.

Last week she advised me to take a 3 day break from politics and the internet, and I chose not to take that advice.

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That sucks @Mariah I had an attack of pleurisy once and that was beyond painful! I thought I was having a heart attack and thought the end was here. Hope things settle down for you soon.

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Thanks, it’s the fifth time I’ve had it but last time was in 2011, so needless to say I am very thrilled about all of my various medical issues I thought were over coming back…at least with this I know I will be over in a week or so.

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@Mariah I cannot begin to imagine an hour of that torture let alone a whole week. Sheeze

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I’m finally starting to grasp that, sometimes….You just have to sit at home and not spend money.

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