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Would anyone feel uncomfortable if someone get so close in your space?

Asked by Heather13 (495points) January 16th, 2017

I was sitting in chair bending forward while working, and he came over to say something while standing over me with a table between us. He then came nearer to me and stooped alk the way down near my chair while me legs where open. (I was sitting while bending forward between my legs to fix something under the table). He was so close there and kept talking, mostly about what I was fixing. It was so weird. I felt uneasy and tried to be still until he stood up and left. Is this normal?

He is my new GM. I don’t know him that well. He transfered after I had taken a break from the job. The other managers were eager to have me back and told him I was their best worker before I left. He met with me and said he was happy to have me there. I have been back forever a month now. I don’t know him. And am a bit hesitant to try. The only thing I know us that all the women and work uncluding female managers are swooning over him. They think he is handsome, etc and keep hitting in him. I can’t see what they find attractive. But he is polite to us. Just a bit loud and goofy. Like coming up behind me and saying ‘boo’, to “scare me”. I just don’ t understand him yet. Right before he stooped down near me, he asked me if I was staying for the summer. I told him I wasn’t sure about that. He said that its because I don’t like “them”, meaning he and the staff, why I am not sure. Before I could respond. He says he is joking. I notice everytime he says something to me, he interrupts my response and says he is joking. Especially if it seems like a serious matter.

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Sounds like your indifference to him may either bother him or excite him. If he knows he is good looking and most of the other women but you in the office are swooning over might turn him on. Many times we want what we can’t have. It would bother me to have someone that physically close to me while in a fairly vunerable position (bent over) but I need a lot of personal space between me and other individuals at the best of times.

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If it continues, it would be an issue. If this was the only time it happens, then just write it off as him not realizing how close he was. Plus exactly what @Rojo said.

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He sounds like an unprofessional jackass. Document these encounters and hand it into HR. And next time he gets in your space tell him that when he gets that close, people can smell his bad breath and hand him a Tic Tac.

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Generally speaking, everyone has personal space, of usually about 24”.

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Any job I have had, I make it known from the beginning that I don’t like to be touched. Everyone seems to respect that and gives me my space. I tell a couple of key people in the office and it spreads quickly.

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The others are swooning
Not me

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pretty much what I said @Heather13

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Hmm… everyone @Heather13 works with hits on her.

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Yes @BellaB, @Heather13 must be blessed with extraordinary beauty and charm. Men regularly stare at her and behave strangely in her presence. She often asks for our advice on their odd behaviour.

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I went back to read some of @Heather13 ‘s old questions. There does seem to be a theme.

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Coincidentally, they are different occurances.

Hope there’s no confusion.

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Is there a way for me to send you a photo of myself? Then you’ll know for sure.

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@Heather13, no need. I’ve got your measure from your posts here.

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I am going to deal with similar thing. Please respond to my question too. And I feel that someone in your space makes you veey uncomfortable.

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I would feel absolutely uncomfortable. That’s why I hate public transport.

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