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Should prostitution be legal? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18808points) January 27th, 2017

I was observing some Jellies going at it over legalizing drugs,and I started thinking that the argument has parallels to legalizing prostitution.

If legalized, in theory, it would be safer and reduce crime (IMO.)

So. It’s called the world’s oldest profession. Surely legalizing it has been debated.

For it?
Against it?


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Yes, of course it should be legalized. We, as human being, have our own freedom and right to have sex with anyone we want without being regulated by other people. If free sex is legalized I think it will be unfair to criminalize prostitution as the difference is only whether or not the person is rewarded. However, regulation should be made that prostitituon should be done by one’s own will, otherwise it will be considered as sex exploitation.

From my own experience, those who hate prostitution are insecure and jealous women that fear their value as spouse will drop if their partner can freely and legally go to another woman for sex.

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It’s already legal in Nevada, next door to me, and has been for decades.
Better safe and regulated than not, though I am not an advocate for women, or men, pandering their parts. Better to use your brain to earn a living than your bits.

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It’s already legal, as long as you film it.

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Yes, it should.

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@Seek Haha, touche!

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Absolutely it should be legal, for the same reason abortion needs to stay legal. It’s a hell of a lot safer for the women and they’re going to do it no matter what. Plus plus they can tax it.

No cons.

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No, it shouldn’t be legal. There should be an all out drive to end crime, not legalize it.

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Last I heard @VenusFanelli, sex between two consenting adult is not a crime,

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That’s a super good point.

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I think it should be yes. Many women in the industry are not protected. That is against personal attack and STDS. Women should be able to go to clinics for medical advice and care in such cases as they need it.

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@Seek brings up an excellent point. How the hell is porn,with paid actors,not prostitution?

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“Having sex for money is icky and illegal but we won’t arrest you if you let us watch

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It has always existed, and it will always exist in spite of laws against it. I see no good reason why it should be illegal. It does not harm anyone necessarily. It is just puritans who demand such laws. Sex is a strong urge, so religious scammers try to demonize it to enforce feeling of guilt upon people for their natural urges, and then you pay them for forgiveness for just being a normal human. Yes, legalize it. I think Nevada has had it legal a long time.

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It’s the LAW. It can not be broken and it can not be altered and it can not be changed, ever. It’s the LAW.

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Say that about immigration. This is a quite different matter. Apples are not oranges. Prostitution is not illegal immigration. I say obey laws, and if you want them changed, have good reasons for it. Must I teach Logic constantly?

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No. It’s the LAW. If you understood what DACA was you would understand the logic behind the exception. But you don’t want to understand.

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I understand sufficiently. It is illegal immigrants who should have been deported long ago before it came to this. I have seen no logic on your part. It is immature to claim to be logical while using logical fallacies and claim anyone who is more logical is illogical.. I studies Logic in college, and you obviously know nothing about it. There are no exceptions, Prostitution and illegal immigration are both illegal for now, and immigration laws are more reasonable than those on prostitution that are Sunday law created by puritans.

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You’re irrational.

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I am perfectly rational. Anyone who claims I am irrational is an insulting liar. You are so brainwashed by Luantic Left Lying Media that you have no objective ideas about being rational, sensible and logical.

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