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Where to drain power of solar panels?

Asked by 8lightminutesaway (1419points) August 7th, 2008

I want to test a couple of different kinds of solar panels over a long period of time and under different conditions and collect data. My question is, where do I drain the power from the solar panels to and how do I hook it up? Can I do this without an inverter? please help!

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Not terribly familiar with the ins and outs of solar panels, but I would imagine that if all you were doing was draining the batteries that solar panels are hooked up to, all you would need to do is hook up the battery to a power suck (lightbulb, crank generator); anything that draws power should drain the battery.

The battery should have contacts that wires hook up to. Start there.
Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help.
Best of luck.

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I should have specified… there are no batteries. just going to run it through a datalogger, and then I dont know where. But thanks for your help!

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hook the connectors up to a lightbulb socket (with lightbulb in it). This should act as a sink, and you can control the energy use through the type of bulb you use.

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In most solar systems, the panels themselves do not store the energy, they just convert it from solar to electricity. If you have them hooked up to a battery, the battery would store the power. Check out this link for more information about solar energy.

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… reasons why i stopped using this website.

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Solar panels work on photo electric effect .The incident light above a particular frequency knocks off the electrons from the photovoltaic element’s surface and developes a potential across the terminals connected to it.Now the amount of voltage it generates,depends on the intensity of the light focussed on it and it won’t be same all through out the day even though it’s mounted on the movable pivot and has the same surface area exposed to the Sun.Hence,You need a converter to charge the batteries so that it would stabilize the output voltage and as well as give you a backup at night from the batteries.If you need direct power,use a transformer instead which has output matching to your household voltage usage like,110V AC in US.
Please revert back to me if you need further details or clarification.

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