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Do you think the Jonas Brothers are a bad role model?

Asked by lovelyy (1132points) August 7th, 2008 from iPhone

My fourteen year old niece’s favorite band is the Jonas Brothers. I personaly think they are great role models for young teens. She was telling me a mom of one of the fans think otherwise. The lady feels the Jonas Brothers having purity rings and how they talk about going green and everything else they say is bad for her daughter. She says her daughter should make mistakes and grow without being pressured to be like the Jonas Brothers. I will try to look for the link and I’ll post it. How do you feel about it? Do you think they are they bad role models, great models, neither?

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They are far better roles models than Brittney Spears or Paris Hilton.

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Not when it comes to making good music.

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Looking at the current so called “role models” offered to teens I think that any role model offered that is not self-destructive, self centered, stupid or spoiled can only help teens know that it is possible to look beyond one’s SELF and make a better world.

However the beauty of the mother in your example is that the more she protests them the more attracted her daughter will be to them. Tis the unwritten law of the teenage years.

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I think a giant condom would make a better role model. People need to get it through their heads that kids aren’t waiting for sex anymore, and instead of teaching them safety, they just tell them not to do it.

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@tinyfaery- I wasn’t referring to musical abilities. There is just so much trashy behaviour that it has become the norm. It is ridiculous that someone would insinuate that the Jonas brothers are poor role models. The world is going to hell in a handbasket.

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P.S. I am not prude. I am extreamly liberal! FYI. :-)

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@adina Joke

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When britney spears first became famous, she had a good image too, just like the jonas brothers
I don’t think it’s very smart for any parent to encourage their kids to become obsessed with any teen idols, because more often than not, these idols are under so much pressure they end up turning to drugs

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@cheebdragon: cough*lindseylohan*cough

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I don’t really like them but I do hate when teen idols promote abstinence over safe sex. The youngest member of jonas brothers is 15 and the oldest is 20 but they’re audience could be anywhere from 5 yr olds to 30yr olds (maybe even older) but I think the bulk of their fans are anywhere from 10–16. While 10 is way too young to have sex, alot of 16yr old girls are having sex or thinking about it. So they promote abstinence to keep the parents of younger fans happy but I don’t think it’s really helping the teens. Other than that, I hate their whole image and the way they sing and dance and kinda wish they would just go away.

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nayeight; Their father is a preacher and they’ve had their purity rings since before they were famous. I highly doubt it’s to get more fans/keep the parents happy.

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and we know this how?

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I wouldn’t know for sure but it’s what they have said in past interviews.

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Being a sixteen year old fan of the Jonas Brothers, I’ve decided to wear a purity ring. Not just because of them, but because they are good role models. They wore these rings before they even played music. They are only showing that this world can be more aware of things, like absintence.

I feel like the Jonas Brothers are a GREAT role model.
This is just my opinion.

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@acrossdarkwinds Good for you! I think many people your age are intelligent and knowledgeable enough to make such a decision. My main concern about decisions such as these is this: What happens if you someday find yourself with another whom you love, and you decide to change your mind about abstinence/purity, and decide to go “all the way”. Will you be prepared with protection?

Don’t take this question personally, I’ve heard some pretty substantial statistics that point to this possibility

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If that situation ever came up and I knew I loved the person than I would. But I’m not goingto be like a stupid teenage girl who loses her virginity to anyguy that tells me I’m pretty.

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