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Have you ever snuck up on a cat while it is sneaking up on a bird?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17698points) February 9th, 2017

I used too. I find it irony. You? They are so focused and they freak out when you pounce on them. Humor welcome.

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I meow to cats. They meow back.

Never tried scaring one, but I’ve seen it. It’s hilarious.

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Cats are hilarious. They can freak out, and they’ll turn around and look at you like “what?” and then they’ll start licking themselves as if nothing happened.

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I have done that. We lived on a farm when I was a mid. At any given time we had three to a dozen cats. They would chase birds, bunnies, squirrels, grasshoppers, butterflies, you name it. I would do the follow you described, but if they went after the squirrels I did a head them off at the pass, and startle the squirrels to give them a head start. I didn’t worry about bunnies. They were able to go fast enough the cats would never bring one down.
I didn’t want them to get butterflies, but it was awfully funny when they were just out of reach, watching the cats make all those twisting leaps and ackward landings.

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Not that I remember but..I have turned on the sprinklers on a couple of occasions to watch the cat launch like a missile. haha
The other day my big, 17 pounder “Myles” a Ragdoll that is not fat just very large, long, big boned, amazed me with his agility when he leapt into the air about 4 feet and did a crazy mid-air twist trying to catch a bird he flushed out of the hedge outside my back door. For such a big cat he is surprisingly agile.

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Fuck no, that would be akin to sneaking up on a menstruating Russian flipping pancakes for Putin’s birthday breakfast.

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No. I have tried outstaring a cat. It is impossible. I have made mean faces and showed my teeth, but the cat is totally unfazed.

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