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Care to share us your animal bite story?

Asked by erichw1504 (26404points) October 12th, 2011

Ever been bitten by an animal before? More than once? Tell us your story.

How bad was the bite? How old were you? What happened that led to the incident? Did you need medical attention? Do you still have a scar from it? How did it affect your attitude towards this animal or any of its kind? Did you bite back?

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Dog attack husky, about 8 years old… I don’t wanna talk about it.

*Fu*ker almost choked me to death.

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I was living in Hawaii at the time which is known for it’s over-abundance of the mongoose and centipede.

I was sleeping one night and had a dream that my school notebook scratched my arm, but when I woke up I realized that my notebook wasn’t even in my bed. So I thought perhaps something bit me. So I got up and lifted up my covers… and nothing was there.

So I wondered for a moment, why does my arm still burn? Then I realized that maybe something was under my pillow. Sure enough, I lifted it up and a huge centipede (6 or 7 inches long) was wriggling away.

It still gives me shivers to this day. I took a shoe and smashed the hell out of it as soon as he left my bed. The bite wasn’t too bad – it just burned for a few minutes.

I don’t sleep on a bed that low anymore.

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@silverfly I would be traumatized for life if I found a bug like that in my bed.

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@erichw1504 I am. It was awful… luckily centipedes are small in TX.

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@silverfly Shudders… You deserve something really nice for having to endure that. Unfortunately Lurve is all I have to give…

But you DESERVE like a Mercedes or something… Yuck!

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Only bitten accidently by a couple of dogs while playing with a tennis ball. It bled pretty good both times, but they had their shots up to date so I didn’t worry about it. I picked up what I thought was a dead spider in the pool to throw him out. Bastard bit me and that hurt like hell.

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@silverfly Shit!! You’re brave! I would’ve died.

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I have never been bitten, but I know two people where the dog ran after them and bit them, they had done nothing to antagonize the dog, and another where the dog came after her and she hurt herself trying to get away. All of them neighborhood dogs, not strays. For this reason I don’t like dogs. Don’t like is strong, probably cautiously afraid is more accurate. My mom was once bitten by a cat, and wound up in the hospital on an IV for the infection, but the cat did not come after her, she was trying to carry it.

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I was bitten on the lip by an evil weiner dog at age 8. No scars.

I was bitten under the eye by an even more evil Doberman Pinscher at 11 named “Apache.”
Small scar still, a half moon crescent under my right eye, but has faded a lot after over the years. I was lucky he missed my eye by a fraction.

I was bitten by a feral pet rat with a broken back I rescued years ago, bit me on the finger and I could hear my knuckle bone crunch. Very painful, needed a tetanus shot.

I was bitten again on the finger when a “dead” ground squirrel came back to life after putting it in my shower to “die” peacefully after my cat brought it in. Another tetanus shot and lots of pain.

I was bitten by my OWN dog on the hand years ago and needed 10 stiches to close the wound. Very painful.

I was also bitten when my daughter dared me to pick up a huge Longhorn beetle that drew blood with it’s mandibles. lol

I was bitten by my own cat when she freaked out at the groomers one year and sunk a fang into the soft part of my inner arm below the elbow. Got infected, needed lots of antibiotics and another tetanus shot. Still have an indented fang hole scar.

Lets see…I think that about covers it, but, I might be forgetting something. haha

Par for the course of an animal lover. :-D

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My husband Bob bought a love bird years ago, before we were married. Love birds bond to one another if you buy two, but if you buy one, they bond to whoever their caretaker is, nobody else.

So one weekend I was at the house and he let “Jimmy” the love bird out of the cage. Jimmy flew right over onto the back of the couch, right next to me. I sat very still and thought that he’d be giving me the “love” that he gives to Bob… no such luck!
the damn bird screamed in my ear and then clamped down on my earlobe with such force, that he drew blood!

I hate that bird. He still makes a menacing face and hisses at me every single time I walk past his cage.
When I was twelve, my best friends had two dobermans. They were rescue dogs. We were sitting on the floor watching TV and one of them had her head in my lap. My friends dad came home and the screen door slammed loud and it startled the dog. She lunged at my face and her bottom tooth caught my nostril and top tooth my forehead. I have a very little scar on each spot. As soon as she realized what happened, this poor dog started shaking she was so scared. I was scared too at first but I wasn’t really hurt, there was a little bit of blood but nothing major. I felt worse for the dog than I did for myself

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Well, I’ve volunteered with a handful of animal sanctuaries… so I’ve been bitten by more feral cats than I can even count at this point. Yes, I have scars. One of them looks like a smiley face on the back of my right hand, actually.
I’ve been bitten by dogs a few times over the years, I have a big scar on my foot from our German Shepherd who was especially protective of my baby sister, and tried to take my foot off one night when I was sneaking back into the house.
I’ve been bitten by mice, rats, hamsters.. once by a guinea pig, a goose, I’ve been nipped by a horse.

I like animals, which means that I tend to be around them a lot, so I’m assuming this makes me highly susceptible to attacks from the cranky/frightened ones.

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Oh yeah..I was bitten many times by my Military Macaw “Louie.” Gotta watch those parrots for the psycho contracting pupils warning. lol

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he’s too little to see what those beedy eyes are doing.

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@Coloma Achievement Unlocked: Bitten By More Than 5 Different Animals.

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@Coloma That’s a tough one… How do you get mad at a weiner dog? I think it’s physically impossible?

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This was a super weiner dog, he ruled the neighborhood, his name was “Pesto”, and he was the antichrist of dogs. lol

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@Coloma I’m surprised you’re still alive.

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Haha..yeah, and, of course, I’ve been goosed a few times too.

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I was bitten on the finger while vaccinating a binturong, and by the time I got to the hospital, the infection had already eaten through the extensor tendon. I spent 6 days in the hospital and had two surgeries – for a bite on the finger! The CDC in Atlanta cultured two new organisms previously unknown to science out of the wound. Somewhere in a textbook is a picture of my finger.

I also had an ocelot leave a nice crescent shaped scar on my calf from his canine tooth – laid me open like a scalpel blade. It was so sharp, it didn’t even hurt.

Other than that, a myriad of minor dog and cat and parrot bites.

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1. My dear Rosie-cat in from the wild at 9 months [a litter of kittens lost along the way] never stopped being completely wild. She would run across the street to continue a fight with another cat. Once I pulled her out of a cat fight [I’m no ordinary fool LOL] and put her inside. Two hours later she jumped out from behind a door and fanged me big-time in the leg. She lived over 20 years and has been gone 20—I still have the scars. Lesson: cats can nurse a grudge.

2. My beloved lost Jacky used to come in from his wanderings every night about 3-ish, jump up on the bed and lick my face off. I loved it, even if I was tired. A few times he got carried away and licked up a storm then bit me on the chin or nose. Not a hard bite, but the same thing he did to his sister after a licking bout. It was part of play [for cats—I guess he saw me as a big cat]

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Animals don’t bite me. When my sister and I were doing door to door sales, we went into a yard with a dog, and it bit her on the calf of her leg, but ignored me.

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I tried to stop our dog and our neighbour’s dog from fighting in our tent and I was bitten on the hand. I had a tetanus jab and I wore a bandage for a month.

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I was bitten by a ferret on a school trip to the pet store when I was in first grade, I was being stupid, stuck my finger in the cage and it bit the tip of it, broke the skin a little bit, nothing too serious.

I was also bitten by a horse on the arm, I was out feeding them and one of them came up behind me and bit me on my elbow, didn’t get a chance to lay into me too much because I jerked my arm away and spooked it.

This doesn’t really count but this question made me think of it, I was stung by a baby scorpion recently, the thing was crawling around in my shirt and it felt like a hair had been pulled out of my shoulder or something, I kind of slapped at the pain and didn’t feel anything so I didn’t think anything of it. I wouldn’t even of found out that it was a scorpion had it not decided to crawl on the back of my neck. I grabbed the little booger in between my fingers (luckily for me I had it by the tail where I couldn’t get at me again) and examined it not realizing what it was. Once I figured out what it was and what the score was between us I smashed it with a book and stabbed it to pieces with my pocket knife.

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Long ago, our german shepherd bit through my hand, I was around 7, went to the doctor, still loved the dog after.

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I’ve had far far to many animal bites/stings/attacks of sorts to even remember half of them I get bit at work all the time from random fish/reptiles.. There is one thing I have learned though, and it’s something a lot of people I believe fail to realize. IT IS NEVER THE ANIMALS FAULT. They are just acting on instinct and more than likely human did something to provoke this behavior or they’re just a predator by nature. (I realize this logic doesnt hold as sound with domesticated animals, but still the behaviors they show are inhibited on them by man. So in the end its still mans fault.)

The worst that I can remember wasn’t from a bite but rather a sting. I got stung by a lionfish. It sucked. I was cleaning the lionfish tank and my friend called me. Like an idiot I looked over to him while still cleaning said tank. My hand came a bit close to the big ol lion in there and spooked him so he attacked. It ended up getting me right on my knuckle. The pain was pretty instantaneous. It shot up my arm to my shoulder. It hurt so bad at points that the idea of literally sawing my arm off to stop the pain from continuing actually seemed logical to me. I had blurred vision, got light headed, sick to my stomach, and then ended up spending the next 30 minutes vomiting. After a few hours the pain ebbed and within two days my hand looks pretty normal again. Lesson learned, PAY ATTENTION when working with venomous animals :P

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@KidCurtis I also got stung by a scorpion- felt like a hot poker had been stabbed into my hand. That bugger was hard to kill!

The worst bite story isn’t mine- but my daughter’s. When she was 2, we went to a yard sale a few doors down from my relative’s house in Chicago. She saw a Jack Russell Terrier in a cage, and seeing that it was INSIDE a cage, I didn’t have any problems with her walking up to the cage to look through the cage’s door.

Unfortunately, the cage door was not locked, but just placed in a closed position. The dog sprang out of the cage and bit her—she was bent over at the waist so her face was horizontal, not vertical, so the bite left teeth marks on both cheeks. She also had a bleeding cut on her forehead that took me a while to figure out—the cut was from the impact/scraping of the cage door when it flew open. It was strange because I had looked away for a few seconds, and when I looked back, the dog was back in the cage with the cage door looking like it was closed! Apparently, the dog’s momentum somehow was able to whip the door open, and back shut in less than a second.

After that, we decided not to press charges but the city quarantined the dog for a week. The owners raised a stink and tried to say it was her fault for bothering the dog when all she did was bend over to take a look, with her hands clasped at her chest, a good 18–24 inches away. She was deeply scared of any dog that was bigger than her until a few years ago—now she thinks bull mastiffs and samoyeds are adorable.

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I got bitten on the cheek once by a horse in a circus (loooooong time ago…)... It was quite cool really though, as I got to go into the gypsy caravans to be “treated”, so I got to see behind the scenes a bit.

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I was attacked by a hawk as I walked through the apartment complex where I lived. Apparently it was protecting its nest from predators as it attacked several people who lived there. It landed on my head and dug its talons in pretty deep. It hurt like the dickens and scared the crap out of me! I got a tetanus shot and antibiotics and if there are scars my hair covers them.

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I was once stung by a mosquito

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In my late teens or early twenties, I walked through a well-to-do section of Atlanta, Georgia, my home town. It was a warm afternoon, as I walked past a lavish home with a large, well-groomed yard. A very big Saint Bernard spotted me, and galloped in my direction—like a train without brakes. Then, it fell upon my leg in a flurry of furry fury. Problem was—its lips were so big all it could manage was to slobber all over my pant leg. After five minutes, it tired, and trotted back home.

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I had part of my skull pulled up my a doberman when I was 4 or 5, and ended up in hospital for a few months healing up


lol, jk

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In college I worked at a little shop in town that delivered pizza and beer.
Not surprisingly, college kids rarely tipped..but Townies did, and hey, a job was a job.

One night I got sent out on a single cheese pizza + beer delivery (Two 24-packs of Milwaukee’s Beast) to a house full of college guys. Not only did they expect me to come in and carry all the beer TO them in the house..they had a dog. One of the guys was thoughtful enough to hold the dog by the collar while I set the pizza & the beer down and they scrounged up their cash to pay me (but NO tip)..but as soon as I turned around to walk back to the front door to leave they dug into the pizza and beers and let go of Kujo.

Their giant (looked like a German Shepherd) dog charged me from behind and clamped down hard on my butt. They finally dragged him off of me, apologized half-heartedly and made some inappropriate comments about my hind end being too attractive to resist.

It ended up leaving an excellent bruise and a bit of broken skin—and even after the dog bite they STILL didn’t tip me.

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My friend and I (as teenagers) were housesitting and taking care of two huge Weimaraners. I thought it would be cute if I brought over my Boston terrier so the dogs could socialize. Bad idea – the big dogs immediately freaked out, got territorial, and started attacking. One of the Weimaraners took a lunge at my little dog, and as I lifted him out of danger, the Weimaraner sunk his teeth into my hip instead of the little guy’s face. I still have four nice bite marks there, but I’m glad my dog didn’t get hurt. So stupid!

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I was about six years old. I was being looked after by a friend of the family. When I arrived at her home she told me to stay away from her dog because she had just had puppies. I didn’t listen and the dog bit my hand. I felt very guilty that I had touched the dog and knew it was my fault she bit me, so I said nothing. I hid my hand. It hurt like hell too! Later, someone noticed and I lied and said I had scratched my hand on a wall. I think they guessed what had happened.

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When I was little, a neighbor’s dog had the run of the neighborhood. One day, I scooped him up in my arms and he bit my wrist. I still have a small scar from the bite, and it definitely traumatized me. We moved shortly afterward, and for years I remembered that dog being huge, and was consequently afraid of all big dogs. When I was a pre-teen or so, we drove through the old neighborhood, and my mother pointed out the dog that bit me. He was just a little thing! Didn’t matter, though, I’m still pretty afraid of big dogs. :/

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@poisonedantidote Wow, that must have been nasty! Do you still have a scar?

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Black Labrador, A neighbours dog bit the side of my face, more of a warning bite as there was no broken skin… I was probably five or six at the time. If I remember correctly I think I was pulling his ears! :-/ lesson learnt.
German shepherd, my own bitch, tore my right hand up pretty good when I was trying to stop another dog attacking her… I made the mistake of trying to pull them apart…Another lesson learnt.. I still have the scars, four puncture wound marks on the back of my hand.
That would be fifteen years ago or more? My hand swelled up like a semi inflated balloon, I had to have two injections plus I was on antibiotics for a while….. I’ve since been bitten numerous times by my younger cat, she’s a wild little thing, very independent. The affection is always on her terms, over step the mark then out come the Teeth & claws. We have a mutual respect for each other. She reminds me of my ex wife to a certain extent Lol….. :-/
( little bitch ) :-)

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@Scooby THat’s always twice as tramatic because they always look so big and cuddly and it’s impossible to not at least for the first initial few seconds trust a lab.

But when it goes bad, they are big dogs and it is even more scary I think?

And LOL at the little bitch

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I work for the Royal Mail and there is the not-so-funny-myth that dogs hate post men/women. I don’t think it’s a myth.
The last bite I got was when a Rottweiler-cross jumped a 5’ hedge and bit my arm. If I hadn’t got a jacket on, the bite would have been far worse; as it was I needed a tetanus jab and cleaning up.
The trouble is that dogs seem to hate us but it must appear to them that we are invading their territory, plus maybe they don’t like the colour red! Perhaps they are fed-up with all the junk mail too!
The Royal Mail has adopted the attitude that there is no such thing as an accident and it is all OUR fault if we are bitten. I don’t think so!

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