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Which you-tube video makes you laugh the most?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) August 7th, 2008

I could use a good laugh : ) I love Miss South Carolina but have watched it a few too many times. Always good for an ego boost though—makes one feel very intelligent!

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Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager is a good one

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My favorite one would me this , second fab would be this, lastly this is a serious subject but funnier than hell the way he put it together. We laughed like crazy. Http:// it’s only a couple of minutes long.

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This one always gets me.

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Look up “Wellpatch,” “3 year old Kassie,” “Flea Market Montgomery,” “Who needs a movie,” and “dr steve brule.”

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Here’s another. This one is really funny too.

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Monkeys and gross smells… how can it get much better?

Stupid Monkey

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and if you’re up for something much dumber and need to just laugh at an idiot, here’s a video some guy put up this summer and I’ll bet will be all over youtube soon… SERIOUSLY, I love this video. It might be the most quotable video I’ve ever seen haha!

Twizzlers is the Taste

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Just a girl laughing – hilarious – because her laugh is contagious. I’ve played it a few times and just laughed with her. Can’t help it.

And an Engineer’s Guide to Cats. I haven’t checked all the links above – hope these aren’t duplicates. Great question, Emily!

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Maybe I’m jumping on the bandwagon here, but I love this one:

And maybe I’ll lose respect here, but also this one:

And these are a friend of mine, and he’s fabulous :)

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I love the GI Joe overdubs, some are funnier than others, but they are all guaranteed to make you laugh.

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Muñeca System, but you really have to have a good command of Spanish
Sneezing Panda
Terminator 3 (the one that goes to save Jesus) this one is probably the best video I’ve seen in my life

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@ poofandmook: i’d never seen your first link, “Janice it hurts” and that was hilarious.

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More than anything on YouTube, I like the giraffe in quicksand on Adult Swim Robot Chicken.

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Techno Viking

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3 year old kassie and who needs a movie were AWESOME

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oh man! i almost forgot

& wow, the janice it hurts video.. that’s terrible, scared the shit out of me. i could never see that as being funny

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well, at least I’m not the only one that thinks the Janice video is hysterical… otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many versions and spoofs of it.

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@generalspecific This one where people get punched was so damn funny.

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This Monty Python sketch

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