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What would you do in a situation like this?

Asked by LornaLove (9396points) February 16th, 2017

I have to admit I am not used to what I’d term ‘hooligans’.

Let me explain. I come from a country that’s very committed to their youth in various ways and admittedly most are private school educated.

Educations is high on the list of priorities as is sports. The younger generation is very respectful actually. I know I am generalizing, but this is what I am used to.

I’m in the UK now and to be honest shocked at how some youths can behave at times. The other day I was walking along and behind me there were youngsters spitting, swearing and kicking the bus stop shelter and had an air of aggro about them.

A few days before that, I was at IKEA and a bunch of youths were screaming obscenities and kicking over trollies. It happens a lot here. I am shocked, to be honest. Do you have to deal with this most times you go out? What do you say to such people? It’s so bad that my partner will cross a road if he sees a bunch of youths together because they could for e.g. start shouting abuse as they often do. (They are normally in groups).

It seems to be trendy to be an ass! Do you have these types of issues where you live? If you do, does it upset you? Do you travel mostly by car and so, therefore, avoid this type of thing? I have to travel by foot which is difficult. I find it quite disturbing, to be honest and could do with some input.

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It definitely happens in the US, but it’s not everywhere all the time. A bunch of young men together, or male teens, is generally a little scary. I would avoid them if I were walking down the street. When they are in a public place and being loud or destructive it’s awful.

My experience is most young men are just fine, but you just never know, once they are in groups it can go bad. Even a group of girls can go bad, but less likely.

Like I said it partly depends where I am. On the streets of Memphis I’d be more paranoid than in a restaurant in Boca Raton, FL. However, even when I worked in a mall in Boca (Boca is a very affluent city in Florida) if a bunch of guys walked in wearing baggy clothes I’d call security.

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I live in a village, and travel by bus to city almost every day. I see kids acting like peasants all the time. The most common type are the scumbag highschool kids in the bus.
While I wouldn’t mind chopping their heads off, I actually ignore it.
I haven’t seen such behaviour in the city though, which is another reason why I want to go there.

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I don’t encounter this very often but it does happen. Sometimes I think they are a little high on alcohol or drugs. It can be quite intimidating. I try to ignore them by walking on and looking away which usually works but they can be unpredictable. This sort of behaviour is never seen in China or India where kids are always well behaved and respectful in my experience.

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Best you can do is ignore them. When I was a young teenager I was a pretty bad person. Angry at the world.

If someone told me to get off their lawn,I would mess it up whenever nearby,or break out some windows. I’m not proud of it. My stupid, destructive behavior landed me neck deep a few times. I went through a “let’s get the cops to chase us faze.” Turns out, they catch you sometimes….

I have gotten paid back by karma. I probably still owe a lot though…

They were recently playing the “knockout game” in America. Where a kid would suckered punch a stranger as hard as possible. Many elderly, and women were sent to the hospital. Kids are just assholes.

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Have encountered this very rarely. Sometimes when I am on a subway – like the BART in San Francisco – I will see upsetting behavior last this. I live outside of a small city which I frequent but haven’t really seen this behavior around here much.

It is disturbing. If it is on a subway car or train, I will sometimes get up and move.

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