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About how much would a cleaning service (maid service) cost for a one bedroom apartment?

Asked by theabk (683points) November 11th, 2006
It's a 620 sq. ft. apartment. I'm just looking for a very rough range.
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In LA One room costs about $40- $50
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well an entire room might be $70
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I cleaned a kitchen, common room, office, bathroom for ~$70
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I have a two bedroom, one bath and it was $70. Seattle
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If you do a big company like Merry Maids, its a lot for any initial cleaning-- upwards of $200. But if you get a recommendation for a cleaning woman, it could be a lot less.
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Sometimes companies will charge a minimum price, or they will require a min. amt of time
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Just **make sure** if you go with a big company to ask them how many people they will send/ how much it will cost (approximately)
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We have a two and a half bed, one and a quarter (yes, I know) bath with living, dining, kitchen, and the going rate seems to be about 80 bucks for a cleaning woman with her people (but we're on the peninsula, SF area. In NYC that's the rate for a large studio.
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I would say like 60 to 100 dollars

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Well, if you lived in Nashville, TN – my company would charge you anywhere from $50 – $150. You’re probably thinking that’s a broad range. Here’s the reason…

Maid services are just like steakhouses. When you visit a steakhouse, everyone around you is also eating a steak. But of course, there’s different cuts of meat and different ways of cooking the meat. As a result, the price varies considerably from table to table.

We sell nothing but maid services but there’s tons of ways for us to clean your house. We offer everything from one-time services to regular service packages. Typically, you’ll receive a better price if you need the house cleaned at least once per month. And while the one-time cleaning usualy costs a little more – you can select a Deep Cleaning package and get everything cleaned from top to bottom. So, you kind of get what you pay for I guess.

I know it’s confusing but it’s impossible to just name a price based off square footage. If someone does provide you with a dollar figure without asking more questions – be very careful!!

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We paid round about $70 to $80 for getting our bedroom and living room cleaned.

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