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Why are some laws a state's right v. creating/enforcing federal law?

Asked by tinyfaery (42692points) February 24th, 2017

So the issue of transgender rights is up to the states, but Drumph wants to start enforcing federal marijuana laws.

IMO, this is all just political bullshit, but is there really any reason to distinguish the two? What’s the “real” reason?

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The Republicans have been in favor of “States Rights” since the New Deal, except when it has to do with personal liberty they disagree with.

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The real reason behind these gestures of Trumps is to pander to those segments of his voter base that support these “issues”. IMHO it should be up to the states on both these issues and I am all for getting the Gov out of our personal business.

Many do not know what Trump already knows and that is that the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment will most likely be passed for the fourth time in April so he knows his threat to enforce Federal marijuana laws is just political grandstanding at best.

Trump is merely doing what Trump does best and that is playing the media like a fiddle to get attention.

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By castigating the news media (that word is plural) he is making news himself.

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@Strauss “By castigating the news media (that word is plural) he is making news himself.” You lost me. How does your answer relate to the OP here?

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Oops…senility strikes! Wrong thread!

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I’m all for getting the government out of personal business. That is why I think the state governments should not be allowed to pass legislation which is thinly veiled prejudice, and why I think the federal government would be correct to work within its power to prevent the state governments from doing so.

The “states’ rights” argument on transgender rights is as much a window dressing as the “women’s safety” argument is. I think certain politicians assume that if they frame the discussion as “federal government versus states’ rights,” they can dodge the fact that the issue at stake is personal liberty, and neither level of government should be usurping it.

… Or as you put it, @tinyfaery, it’s political bullshit.

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@Strauss lol…been there done that. There should be an award for doing this, I would have earned it 234 times XD.

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@Cruiser the only problem is, I’m really not senile. Some blame my absent-mindedness on age, but I’ve been absent minded for as long as I can remember!

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@Strauss “but I’ve been absent minded for as long as I can remember!” absolutely hilarious! Polite applause

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