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How to invest for an income of $2000 a month?

Asked by WakeUp (421points) August 8th, 2008

Whats the best way to start investing to build a passive income? Dividend stocks, businesses, lottery tickets? My expenses are very low, I have some savings, how can I avoid getting a job?

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How can you avoid getting a job and still get by?
Murder somebody. If that’s too bloody for you, commit treason or armed robbery. Something big. Then, some nice large men will take you to the magical land where nobody has to pay for room or board. You’ll have plenty of nice friends, and won’t have to worry about not getting laid!

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Go live with your parents

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Explore dividend stocks but you’re going to have to have an awful lot of money to buy enough of those to bring in that much cash! Reduce your expenses.
Lotto: are you serious?

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