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Who's your favorite poet? What work of his or her do you like the most?

Asked by augama (106points) August 8th, 2008
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I don’t really read poetry much. But I always liked Robert Frost (the woods are lovely, dark and deep….) and Shakespeare. The former, because I love his poems, they put me in a contemplative mood. The latter, because I love his comparisons and play on words.

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The Notorious Big is my favorite poet hands down.

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Muhammad Ali (yes the boxer)- if you get a chance to listen to one of speechs or read any of his quotes, i assure you that you will agree he was one of the most brillant lyricists of our time. He was a rapper before it was invented in the 80’s. He utilized humor, confidence, and most all a passion that no one could overshadow. It distrubes me to see the state that which he existed today, a far cry for the robust and unstoppable force that he was decades ago.

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Tom Petty… check out the lyrics for the song “Echo.”

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William Blake. I like The Lamb and The Tiger and the rest of his work.

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My daddy!

There was a man who shook my hand and gripped it like he meant it
another one, shook the same one and left a dishrag in it.

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T.S. Eliot “Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”

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I second Robert Frost.

Also Rilke.

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Annabel Lee and Alone by Poe. Actually, most things by Poe. But those are my very favorites.

I also love beat poetry. Allen Ginsberg is my favorite.

Rumi is really good when the mood strikes me.

And I have a huge soft spot for everything that David Thewlis writes.

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Charles Bukowski, anything (poetry or not) by him i find wonderful. he’s so raw and human and honest. i also love e.e. cummings, my favorite poems are “i carry your heart with me” and “since feeling is first”.

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Ted Hughes’ Crow poems…

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Oh, I have many…
I too like Robert Frost: My fav is the Mending Wall…
Sara Teasdale
Sylvia Plath
Maya Angelou
Langston Hughs
Alice Walker
Ogden Nash
Margaret Atwood
William Carlos Williams
I love Blacks paintings
As well as Jack Yates paintings, brother to William Butler Yates…
But that’s just me…..

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William Stafford, Matthew Dickman, Jane Hirschfield, Major Jackson, W.H. Auden, Borges, Lucille Clifton

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